In JBoss' continuing partnership with SAP, we are creating more and more ways for our products to integrate. With the advent of SAP Netweaver Gateway, there are even more ways to consume and use SAP data within JBoss and Red Hat solutions.


SAP Gateway is an OData server that exposes SAP data via RESTful services using standards such as HTTP, AtomPub and JSON. This is a perfect integration point for many JBoss technologies. For example, using our Enterprise Data Services (EDS) product built on Teiid, we can consume a Gateway service and federate the data from that service with other related information from disparate data sources. A federated view in EDS means we can bring together all of the data we care about and expose it as a single source, either relationally or as a REST service. If we wanted to, we could even combine mutliple SAP Gateway services and create a single source. COOL!!!


Check out this example of how to accomplish this integration in the cloud using SAP Gateway, JDV, OpenShift and a MySQL instance: Example


The transformations required to create the federated view are generated using a wizard in Teiid Designer 7.8. You can see a tutorial video on importing the SAP Gateway source and generating the required transformations HERE.


Enjoy and stay tuned for more tech goodness from Red Hat and SAP!