The OASIS OData TC Experience

I was privileged to represent Red Hat on the OASIS OData Technical Committee. Thanks to the tireless efforts of committee members from Microsoft, SAP and others, the end result is a powerful and flexible specification that will revolutionize REST services. There is much more work to do as the committee turns its focus to v4.1 and v5, but now is a good time to reflect on the awesome job done by the group!


Red Hat has been a proponent of OData and we have incorporated v2/v3 support in our projects and products. Our Data Virtualization product (based on Teiid), has extensive support for OData. Inspired by the SAP NetWeaver Gateway server, we added the ability to import Gateway services into a virtualized view for seamless integration of SAP data with other disparate data sources.


This led to full support for generic OData services as well as creating an OData provider for all data deployed to the Data Virtualization environment. See here for an example of how to consume and produce OData services in Data Virtualization.


So what's new in v4?

Lots! This document does a great job in identifying deletions, additions and improvements in v4 compared to v3:

New in OData v4


Will Red Hat Support v4?

You bet! We are excited to add the capabilities of the v4 spec into our tooling and Data Virtualization engine. There are two open source projects put forward by SAP which we plan to contribute to and support. Apache Olingo and Eclipse Ogee will fit nicely within our projects and Eclipse tooling.


Want to Contribute?

Are you or your company interested in shaping the next version of OData? You are more than welcome to join the committee and help us make a great spec even greater!