It is with lot of excitement and happiness that we released today the very first version of JBoss Seam. Seam is an application framework for Java EE 5. It unifies the component models of JSF and EJB 3.0, providing a streamlined programming model for web-based enterprise applications.


Seam also helps you integrate jBPM process definitions right into your application.


I have a lot of pointers for you since we worked hard on having documentation and examples ready at release date.


In the package, on top of the hotel booking example, we offer a simpler version representing the registration part of many web application, the hotel booking example using Hibernate instead of EJB and finally an example integrating a jBPM process definition.


Now if you want to discover Seam from us, Gavin King and I will present Seam at the JBoss World Barcelona event on October 10-12th


Many thanks to Jacob Hookom, project leader of Facelets and member of the JSF expert group for being the first contributor of Seam :)


Thomas Heute - JBoss Seam project leader