I am just back from Javapolis, it was such a nice experience. I was there to do a talk about our so loved project JBoss Seam. It was amazing to see the 750 seats movie theater room full of people even more when we know that the talk was "competing" with Julien Viet's presentation about JBoss Portal. Anyway i am very thankful to the people who gave me 1 hour to explain them the main concepts of Seam.


Once the presentation was over, at the JBoss cocktail party i was also surprised how well the public was educated on Seam, it is probably due to the JavaNews magazine publishing my article.


The speaker dinner was quite interesting too, we just sat wherever we could and just by chance i was at the table with the Wicket, Webwork and RIFE guys, it was definitely the web framework table ! It is good to see that nobody felt like we were competitors, i really enjoyed their company.


The big news for me, was that Oracle decided to give away their ADF components to MyFaces. That is a great thing for MyFaces and us, now we are all waiting for a JSF 1.2 implementation ;)


I did not spend enough time to check around on other presentations but meeting people there was just great, Stephan Janssen the organizer of the event is really a nice guy and makes everything smooth for everybody. Well done the Javapolis team !