You can't have missed the release of JBoss Seam 1.0.1, Gavin blogged about the release of the GA version as well as the 1.0.1 fixing some bugs. But just in case that you were out of Earth for the past two weeks, here are some links:


The press also picked up on that news, sometime presenting Seam as an Ajax framework (it is not, even though we provide a very convenient way to call Seam components remotely through 'Ajax') sometime presenting it right like here:

Success stories


But this is not the main reason for this blog entry. I am very thankful to the people who dared to designing their applications on JBoss Seam before the final release and had to go through the pain of internal changes, this is also the time to share with you two success stories that i hear of and can publicly talk about.


With no order of preference, i will start with Lexicon Genetics who won the JBoss World Innovation Award in the category "New Generation Technology", the application's goal was to manage hundred of thousands of mice and their semen. It was interesting to hear from Buckley Kohlhauff and Mark Ma how managing all those mice was a mission critical task and how automatic-replication of those animals can be a problem. I am also very glad to hear that to some extend our technology is being used by people who are looking for treatments for human disease.




The second story that i can publicly talk about is from the senior consultant Sebastien Guimont and the team he's in from Covansys, their application is about managing contracts to buy bulls and sell their semen ! Yes again, animal semen... Don't ask me why :) They mainly used the workspace management, jBPM workflow, remoting and localization components of Seam.


That said, i would enjoy hearing more stories about how you use Seam in your projects related to semen or not. Please email me at or use the forum.

Seam talks and reviewing

If you want a Seam presentation at a JBoss User Group or Java user Group let us know ! We can come if this is for a large audience or we can help you to do the presentation yourself. In the same direction, if you need reviews for articles or chapters of books concerning Seam e email me at let me know, we will be happy to make sure that no mistake is being printed out.

For francophones in Paris


To finish with, i will be presenting JBoss Seam (in French) at the Paris JBoss User Group next Wednesday (June 28th), i will be glad to meet you if you are around. I will share my time with Jean-Marie Lapeyre who will talk about the French online tax declaration system running on JBoss AS that just passed its highest load for this year.


Thomas Heute - JBoss Seam project leader