In case you were not around the forums or starring at the CVS commits for the last month you may have missed some of the new features implemented since the Beta 2 version. Let me summarize here the progress that has been made and that is available in the CVS.
  • The internationalization has been dramatically improved. It is now very easy to switch from one language to the other, the internaltionalization support is shown in the "issues" example.
  • Ajax support, you can now directly call your business methods of your Seam components directly from your Javascript code. See how it works in the "remoting/helloworld" example.
  • It is quite common when you navigate on a website to wait for an action to perform, without really knowing if things are working. As users we accept it, and little attention is made to accomodate us because of the troubles to display a progress status to the end user. Well, that should be past. Thanks to the AJAX progress bar in Seam, there is no reason to hide the progress of an action to the end user anymore. Oh and again, there is an example in "remoting/progressbar".
  • Since asynchronous messaging and AJAX fit well together, you can also effectively use JMS within your Seam applications. The "remoting/chatroom" example, is showing you how you can use Ajax+JMS to publish a message to all subscribers without having to refresh a page.
  • Gavin also implemented a simple blog example he explains why and how in his blog entry: Comparing web frameworks: Seam
  • Back button support is now also working for pageflows (stateful navigation)
That said, i want to publicly thanks Shane Bryzak who really worked hard on the Ajax support and JMS support, not only he implemented the support itself but he also produced documentation and examples ! Thank you Shane. That said, we are always pleased to hear your feedback in the dedicated forum.
Seamlessly yours, ThomasH