• Error while starting Wildfly 11 App Server - persistence unit named null

    I have a maven based JSF+JPA+EJB Project using Eclipse and Wildfly 11. Following is the project structure, as you can see persistence.xml is present in META-INF directory.     While starting the App Ser...
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  • Hibernate L2 Invalidation Cache and GC

    Hello,   We are testing Infinispan as a L2 Hibernate Cache in SYNC Invalidation mode. Using version 8.2.4 and hibernate version 5.1.17. We start a two node cluster. testbox01 and testbox02. The following is our ...
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  • Wildfly 10, single sign on, logout issue

    Morning,   We have an application deployed as an EAR file with 2 WAR files.  We have turned on "single-sign-on" in the undertow subsystem for Wildfly 10.   When a user has logged into the application ...
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    created by Cory Dahlstrom
  • The name CARDID is the same (ignoring case) as 1 other object(s) under the same parent

    The following procedure throwing error. Basically the requirement is to send the CARDID to the virtual procedure and return card BALANCE and CARDID both back. Full script is attached just in case for reference. ...
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    last modified by Shrishail Hiremath
  • microsoft sql server configuration wildfly 14

    I want to use MS SQL Server as a datasource in Wildfly 14, but I always get following error in the console:   ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 41) WFLYCTL0013: O...
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  • Errors with HTTP/2 enabled in WF 14 (with WF 10 same app worked)

    I get the following error in Wildfly 14:   19:21:02,947 ERROR [io.undertow] (default task-59) UT005085: Connection io.undertow.server.protocol.http2.Http2ServerConnection@d75cd9 for exchange HttpServerExchange{ ...
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  • Kerberos end-to-end authentication

    We would like to have client kerberos principal (coming from active directory) authenticate through the complete call chain which consists   client application (http, SPNEGO) ->webservice(frontend jboss insta...
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  • Hive-Jdbc connection on teiid with wildfly

    Hey ,           i am using these set of jars for hive-jdbc connection ...   commons-codec-1.4.jar           &#...
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  • Difficulties Configuring Cluster with JBoss AS 7.1.1 Final

    I made the configuration of my JBoss AS 7.1.1Final until de LoadBalance notificatiin part.   I created a config named lb.conf inside /opt/apache/conf/sites and I include it on httpd.conf After I start apache I ...
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  • Wildfly provision fail on windows

    Good day   I am trying to build a "thin" provision version on my machine using gradle and  wildfly-build-provision plugin. The task downloads the necessary jar files and build the server in build/provision-...
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  • How to remove the dot(.) and the after part of JsessionId value?

    e.g.  JsessonId value like : UpgjB8jdlzEeCi5RLAMBwSJtSEBg2Pdgh_WgI8Qp.win-fduq94uj0ac I want to remove '.win-fduq94uj0ac'  this part, how to remove it from the configuration file 'standalone.xml' ? or some...
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  • Elytron  RMI with jdbc-realm + fallback (wildfly 11)

    Hi,   I' am new  trying  to get to work  ejb-secure example using  database instead of  property files, but I'am getting the "PLAIN : Server rejected authentication" error. Eventually I...
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    last modified by Sliff Ainsel
  • AMQ214013: Failed to decode packet: java.lang.NullPointerException

    I'm using messaging-activemq in my profile (full-ha) and when my application is being used or tested I see the below error continuously logged into server.log. Is this something related to code or it has something to ...
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    created by Vamshi Krishna
  • Question about ability for distribute project with implementation junit rule for BMUnit.

    Some time ago for my project which use SpringBoot I wrote simple implementation of "org.junit.rules.MethodRule" for BMUnit library. And some utils methods which allows to operate on  handling counters, joins and...
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    last modified by Szymon Tarnowski
  • Problem consuming Odata4 webservice

    Currently I consume a Mendix odata webservice using the WS translator. This is in most cases not the most efficient way. Thats why I'm in the process of rebuilding this. However, after importing the tables and trying ...
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    last modified by Marc Kusters
  • Elytron Client with database identity store

    I am trying to migrate an application with WildFly 11.0.0.Final to WildFly 15.0.1.Final. I cannot get through the Authentication, which is based on Database-identity-store. I have a few users in DB and among them, one...
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  • How to Load external property files without using module.xml ?

    I have several application related properties that are required during application/server startup. Is there a way to load the properties without declaring them as global modules under EE subsystem ?
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  • How configure Wildfly 11 in HA Mode with preferred master?

    I am currently using the default HA configuration in Wildfly 11. I would like to know how can I tell which particular cluster is preferred if it is available. I believe I should change the singleton subsystem but I do...
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    last modified by Luciano Borges
  • TLS and Client Cert Authentication

    Our application is a Java webservice which was deployed on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform - Version 6.2.0.GA on our existing servers. On the new AWS servers we deployed our application on WildFly 14.0.1.Final.&...
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    last modified by Leena Madala
  • How to Invoke WildFly Rest Endpoint to Obtain Logging File Content

    To obtain a portion of JBoss/WildFly (v. 14) log file using CLI programmatically, I can execute the following command to obtain the last 10 lines of the server.log file:   /subsystem=logging/:read-log-file(name=...
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