• JDBC and DataSource Access Logs from Filters and Valves

    The GitHub open source project “JDBC and DataSource Access Logs from Filters and Valves” provides a Filter that can replace the Tomcat Valve JDBCAccessLogValve, which was available to earlier JBoss version...
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    created by bobkirby
  • Cannot get CRL certificate revocation via distribution point working

    Greetings,   Having trouble trying to get certificate revocation via distribution point working. Hoping for some guidance.   I am able to successfully implement CRL revocation via a locally saved .crl fil...
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    created by vetruvian
  • Request for release version of Wildfly with fix for issue LOGMGR-153

    Hello Team,   We see an outOfMemory exception on testbed running Wildfly 2.0.0 every few days. Java heap space runs out of memory and Wildfly sends command to shutdown server or application process. This causes ...
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    last modified by kusumita
  • Wildfly messaging-activemq statistics

    Hello there,   The issue described here is about a JEE7 application running on Wildfly-11.0.0-Final.   Basically, this application produces messages in a queue. This queue has a fixed number of consumers/M...
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    created by mleite
  • WildFly 19.0.0.Beta2 is released!

    Today we released a second beta for WildFly 19. You can get it from the WildFly download page[1]. Compared to Beta1 this is primarily a bug fix release; it's very close to what we would have released a WildFly 19 Fina...
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    last modified by brian.stansberry
  • Read and configure JVM settings for Standalone Mode from CLI

    The AS7 Admin Guide states that: "For a standalone sever you have to pass in the JVM settings either as command line arguments when executing the $JBOSS_HOME/bin/standalone.sh script, or by declaring them in $JBOSS_HO...
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    last modified by jairo1990
  • Getting timed out error after upgrade JBOSS to WildFLy in ColdFusion application

    Hi,   I have upgraded web services from Jboss to WildFly in my ColdFusion application. Getting timed out error. I tried to increase time in all configuration xml files from wildfly verified from ColdFusion admin...
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    last modified by ssivasagar
  • JBPM web Desinger does not have Boundary event components

    Hi everybody,  I am using jbpm-server-7.32.0.Final-dist, and I have to define some timer boundary events, but the web designer does not have this component.  So how can I define this type of event?  The...
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    last modified by juancarlosvaca
  • Is it possible to get the error message inside the catch in JBoss CLI?

    My JBoss CLI script contains a try/catch and I want to obtain information about the error (stacktrace, message, ...) but I can't find any documentation   For example, the code shown below should print why the jd...
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    created by jdafi
  • Use Wildfly/JbossAS on Production without license

    Hello Friends,   I wanted to have information about Wildlfy server. Can i use it on Production server without any subscription/licenses? Actually we want to move out from Web-logic Service to eliminate license...
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    last modified by hardikjadhav
  • antiJARLocking in modern wildfly

    Hi. Is there anything like antiJARLocking in modern Wildfly? This configuration attribute was present in early JBoss versions: JBoss Web Configuration Reference - The Context Container  It's supposed to allow d...
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    created by basinilya1
  • Servlet path match failed should never happen

    About once a day, Wildfly outputs within Eclipse 2019-09 R (4.13.0): 08:12:27,671 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default I/O-1) UT005071: Undertow request failed HttpServerExchange{ CONNECT ip.ws.126.net:443}: java.lan...
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    last modified by bobkirby
  • Hibernate configuration in Eclipse with annotation-based mapping

    Hello! I'm trying to set up a usable HQL console for an existing Java project with hibernate entity classes and a populated database. The project exclusively uses JPA annotation-based mapping and has no .hbm files, an...
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    last modified by vuser128
  • Strange authorization failure on WildFly 18.0.1 with JavaEE security api (JSR-375).

    Hello, I've been trying to setup web service authentication and authorization with JSR-375 security api on WildFly 18.0.1 but ran into strange problem. Everything seem to work for some hundreds of requests, but then ...
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    last modified by vladimir.novoseltsev
  • EAP 7.2 Duplicate Log Messages: Filter-Spec Not Working

    I have numerous duplicate log messages being printed in my console log (does not happen in the server.log): 17:30:48,634 WARN  [org.apache.activemq.artemis.ra] (Thread-37 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads)) AMQ152...
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    created by loganheights
  • Cannot start simple application using JPA + Hibernate 4 provided by wildfly 18

    I would like to run a simple web service application  using the module provided by wildfly hibernate 4.3 or 4.1 and jpa 2. Even following all the instructions of the tutorial and wildfly guide, it still does not...
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    last modified by tbm-1
  • Why do Entity objects write to Wildfly log and console, but Websocket Endpoint won't?

    This is my fouth try on 3 forums, and I can't even get insulted. So I assume the question is bad.   Therefore, I hope someone takes pity and points me to the right starting point.   My app is deployed in ...
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    last modified by gberish
  • Why can't the Wildfly server handle concurrent REST requests after programmatic login

    I previously asked why after establishing a httpSession that REST requests no longer ran concurrently. Paul referred me to the section “Session Concurrency” in the document https://github.com/wildfly/wild...
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    last modified by mark.brooks.180
  • Why in HTML file,there is no auto-completion for JavaScript

    I use JBoss Tools plugin in Eclipse IDE nowadays. What a shame that the JBoss Tools HTML Editor does not provide JavaScript content assist. Do JBoss Tools has a plan to fulfill it?
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    last modified by humphreygao
  • WorkItemManager.completeWorkItem(workItemId) slow

    Hi All I try to run stress test 1000 data to JBPM (not singleton use Per Process), and trace detail log. Depend on the log found some steps cost much time, analyse the detail logs shows  WorkItemManager.comple...
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    last modified by ardaliao