Version 35

    RiftSaw - Open Source BPEL Engine


    Welcome to the RiftSaw community project. The RiftSaw project provides an integration of the Apache ODE BPEL engine into the JBoss Application Server, along with enhancements to:

    • integrate with JBossESB,
    • use a JAX-WS compliant web service integration layer, through the use of JBossWS
    • GWT based console


    The RiftSaw BPEL engine can be used to execute BPEL processes. Authoring BPEL processes, and deploying them into the JBoss Application Server, can be achieved through the BPEL designer support in JBoss Tools.


    On July 22nd, 2009 Burr Sutter presented the first RiftSaw Milestone release during a webinar. If you missed it you can download the slides from here.





    User Documentation:


    The user documentation for RiftSaw can be found here. This section includes additional adhoc information that may be of interest when using the RiftSaw BPEL engine.


    Deploying a BPEL process to RiftSaw

    RiftSaw BPEL Designer

    RiftSaw database upgrade

    RiftSaw target databases

    RiftSaw Components Matrix

    Process Instance cleanup

    Developer Documentation:


    This section provides information that will be useful for anyone developing RiftSaw.


    Design Notes


    RiftSaw Deployment Mechanism

    RiftSaw Clustering support

    Sybase database support

    Mapping of ODE events to BPAF Model

    RiftSaw 3 Design

    Build Management


    Build RiftSaw from Source

    RiftSaw Integration Tests

    Running the integration tests

    Steps for upgrading ODE branch


    Release Management


    RiftSaw Release tag and aritfacts upload

    RiftSaw Release Steps



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