• Maven Getting Started - Users

    This page provides information for JBoss Community users to get started with the JBoss.org Maven repository.   If you are new to Maven, you may want to first go to the Apache Maven site (http://maven.apache.org/...
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  • Maven Getting Started - Developers

    This page provides information for JBoss developers to get started with using the JBoss Maven repositories.   If you are new to Maven, you may want to first go to the Apache Maven site to learn the basics (https...
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  • Wildfly11

    i have install wildfly11     wildfly.service - The WildFly Application Server    Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/wildfly.service; disabled)    Active: inactive (dead)    ...
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    created by prabhakar12
  • Drools integration in android

    Can we integrate drools engine in android with android studio? if it is possible, how to integrate?
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  • org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.ProducerConfig Class not found exception in camel-kafka

    @ I am using camel with fuse. Camel version is : 2.17.0.redhat-630187 I am trying to integrate kafka with camel, so for that Ihave added below two dependecies in pom.xml      <dependency> &l...
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  • Maven Staging Settings

    This page contains recommended Maven settings for use when testing a staged release.  There are two parts of the default Maven settings that should be configured when testing a staged release.   The Local Re...
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  • Maven Repository Central Synchronization

    The JBoss.org Maven repository automatically sync's certain groupIds/artifacts and POM files to the Central Maven repository hosted by Sonatype.   Currently sync'ed groupIdsio.undertow javassist javax.enterprise ...
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  • Maven Deploying a Release

    This page describes the process for deploying a JBoss project release, or deploying a patched and rebuilt thirdparty project.   Build Configuration  For required Maven settings, see Maven Getting Started - ...
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  • Maven settings.xml masking password

    Masking Passwords in Maven Settings.xml As part of your development process, you have to provide the repository information in a settings.xml.  Along with the repository information, you are required to provide t...
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  • Configure a Local Nexus Instance

    A local instance of Nexus (or another repository manager) can significantly improve the speed of your builds, especially if/when the time comes to clean out your local repository.  For example, if you want to bui...
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  • enable JDBC tracing on the JBOSS server

    Does anyine know how to enable JDBC tracing on the JBOSS server or any other way to trace the SQL statements issued from there?     so after 3 months no one post anything related and I had more then 100 vis...
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  • unable to start jboss instance properly due to "Address already in use" error

    Hi, All,   I am new here in the community and I need your help. We are running JBoss 4.0.2 on Solaris 8. Whenever I start the first JBoss instance, I am seeing this error below:   -----output truncated----...
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    created by rell13
  • Jboss Error while accessing the admin-console :no permission store available

    Hi,   I have successfully installed the jboss server version jboss-5.1.0.GA in amazon cloud EC2 i.e in Linux machine. http://localhost:8080 is working fine. But when we access the admin console, it is not work...
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    created by pramodkesdee
  • Jboss server is taking more than 20 min of time to start

    Hi Team, I am facing problem with Jboss5.1 server, its taking more than 20 min of time.   Till Yesterday, the Jboss5.1 server is started with in 2 to 3 min of time..But from today morning, its taking long time ...
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    created by bayapu.avula
  • Maven Repository

    Overview This page provides information about the JBoss.org Maven repositories hosted on repository.jboss.org.  The JBoss.org Maven repositories are managed by Nexus, and are available to all members of the JBoss...
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  • Jboss connection error please help?

    I am getting the following error for a particular value but working for other values. Can any body help me why is this happening my database is postgres 8.4.17. My connection jar is pg73jdbc3.jar. I am attaching the p...
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  • org.jboss.modules.ModuleNotFoundException: Module org.twitter4j:main is not found in local module loader

    19:02:37,445 ERROR [org.jboss.msc.service.fail] (MSC service thread 1-1) MSC00001: Failed to start service jboss.module.service."deployment.social-portlets.war".main: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jb...
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    created by govindtis
  • repo.jboss.org - artifact stability verification?

    Hello,   is there a way to get the fingerprints of all jboss-public-group artificates? I would like to do some validation checks regarding third party artifacts. I guess I could crawl and download all the .sha1 ...
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    created by b.eckenfels
  • jboss-negotiation-toolkit test SecurityDomainTest does not work

    Hi,   I need help finding out the solution to make the SecurityDomainTest and Secured test to work. Below is my configuration:   Machines: AD ---------- Windows 2008 R2 :  (domain : ssodomain.com)...
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  • Jboss 4 and Jboss5

    Hi All,   This is to inform you that .. I am using Jboss 4.3.2 and Jboss 5.0.1 and working fine .   However need to know that " How much memory will be allocated to jboss instance for each time from the ph...
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