• Duplicate method set in BindableProxyLoaderImpl

    Because of legacy code (GXT 2.0) our models contain "get" and "set" method with the same signature as default methods in BindableProxyLoader so the compiler throws an error "Duplicate method set(String, Object) ...". ...
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  • Errai forum dead?

    It looks like this Errai forum is dead. I think it's time to have a Gitter for Errai e.g. gwtproject/gwt - Gitter  is very much active.
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  • errai generates beans.xml exclusion for package-info.java

    Hi,   errai autogenerates an <exclude> entry for all package-info.java files in my project. The resulting XML does not conform to the XML schema and causes the super-dev-mode to fail. Any ideas how i can p...
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  • AsyncDispatcher with ErraiCDI ?

    Hello I am using Errai 3.2.0.Final in a Jboss 7.1.1.Final.   I saw in the documentation that AsyncDispatcher should be used in production so I went ahead and tried it. After setting it up in the ErraiService.pr...
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    created by vwjugow
  • Errai strange package definitions: *.client.local, *.client.shared, *.server

    I've found in official docs required structure of errai project like follow: project srcmainjavacom.mycompany.myappMyApp.gwt.xml [the app's GWT module] com.mycompany.myapp.client.localMyAppClientStuff.java [code...
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    created by masterdany88
  • Simple demo using Errai JAX-RS Rest

    Hey. I am new to Errai. I would like to learn it. I cannot find any up to date demo example of working app with JAX-RS. Can You help me? Here is my related question on stackoverflow: java - Errai JAX-RS Rest service...
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  • TBroyer gwt maven plugin

    Is errai works with Thomas Broyer gwt maven plugin? GitHub - tbroyer/gwt-maven-plugin: Starting fresh on building GWT projects with Maven / Maven Plugin for GWT – Introduction   I would like to have maven...
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  • Open in new tab, TransitionAnchors, and erraiPushStateEnabled

    Hello,   I've been working on an application that includes TransitionAnchors to different pages of which users sometimes like to open in a new tab. Users also requested that we enabled the "erraiPushStateEnabled...
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  • Errai MVP Best Practice

    Hi, I am working on migrating parts of an existing app to Errai. While the UI part of Errai looks pretty impressive (html templating), I want to keep the MVP aspects of the app for better modularity. Does anyone ...
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  • Errai 4 - The constructor of ClassName annotated with @Inject must be public

    Hi,   We are in the process of updating one of our application from Errai version 3.2.0.Final to Errai 4.0.0.Beta4.   But when trying to build our GWT app, the following error pops up:   ... [INFO] --...
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  • Creating DOM Elements on the fly ! (ManagedInstance<T extends JavaScriptObject>)

    How does one create native DOM elements on the fly ?   ManagedInstance<T> works as expected for user defined @Templated objects. But while DOM dependencies are resolved using a simple @Inject of the same c...
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  • Virtual Dom?

    One of the killer feature in ReactJS is the abstraction layer over DOM (e.g. virtual dom), so that the the app does not manipulate the browser DOM  directly, but the changes are intelligently calculated (diff) an...
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  • Errai 3.2 and Cordova. Problem with errai-tutorial code when generating and testing generated cordova code

    Hello there,   I am using the errai-tutorial code from GitHub - errai/errai-tutorial: Errai tutorial project. No additional code. Just clone, install maven dependency and build using bellow instruction as per th...
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  • RuntimeException: There are no proxy providers registered

    I can't get any RPC / Rest calls to work, this error occurs during the call to  :       @PageShown     void onPageShown() {         ...
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  • Stop @Page from showing

    Hi,   I'm working on an app where I need to show a @Page annotated view class only if the user has the appropriate rights. I looked at  the security example, and that looks interesting for cases where commu...
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  • Errai 3.2.3 Final with Material Design Light problem

    Dear Errai community, hope someone is able to help me. I completly stucked :-/   I could successfuly use Polymer 0.5 with Errai for some time, but now it's deprecated. So I have to move to Polymer 1.x or other li...
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  • GWT Errai image uploading and catch the imageFile

    Hello Everyone since i am new to GWT and also i am newbie on errai framework. is there anyone who knows how image uploading works and catch it in console log? thanks
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  • ERRAI-CDI LoadAsync with Instance<T>

    Hello.   I'm working with errai 3.1.2.FINAL i have activated te async ioc and when i compile the project i have problems injecting Instance<T> classes i got these error   [ERROR] java.util.concurrent...
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  • errai blank project

    Hello everyone!   Do you know where i can get blank project of errai. I tried arhetypes, but they have old version and i can't run it. I use tutorial examples and I try clean it, but with no results... I'm disap...
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  • what happens when the subscriber is not listening in client ... think user has logged out! are the messages lost from server?

    Hi All,   What happens when the client logs out and the subscriber is not listening in client..... , will the published messages in server get  lost ? or saved in history so that we can retrieve later or it ...
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