• jboos stop

      i need solution for this problem
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  • OrganizationService

    Hi, I've got problem that OrganizationService is not updated when application is working, changes are visible only after server restart. This leads to situation that if ldap is modified manualy or by some other ...
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    created by sowa
  • Migrating from jboss portal to Gatein

    Hello everyone I want to migrate my project from jboss portal to gatein release. so i need to see a demo project if provided by anyone or any help regarding it that how i can configure my new project in gatein and whi...
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  • assign componentId to portlet

    With Gatein, is there a way to assign componentId to a portlet? I want to be able to form a URL like this send an action request to the portlet whose componentId would be myPortlet http://www.mysite.com/portal/my-po...
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  • How to keep login modal diaglog up when login fails

    Hi, I created a portal extension, and everything works fine. The default behavior would show the extension login page if login attempt fails. I want to just customize the login process so that the login modal dialo...
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    created by qndn1
  • How to configure JSP as home page instead of portlet

    Hi Friends,   I am new to gatein portal server. I tried to import an application which contains a jsp page as my home page then it has to redirect to a portlet. For that i declared jsp in <welcome-file-list&g...
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    created by vasavimonika
  • Fine grained authorization within the content of portlet in a portlet application

    Can anyone please guide me how to do fine grained authorization of the content of a portlet. I mean certain portions within the portlet should be visible to certain users/roles. I would like to have this authorization...
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  • Can't register a WSRP consumer

    I'm running 2 JBoss instances on the same machine and am trying to establish communication via WSRP between them.   Configuration:   JBoss EPP 5.2.1, GateIn based on 3.1.0 JBoss instance 1 - running on l...
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  • pb session in gatein 3.1

    how to kill a portlet session when user is logged out from portal.
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  • Juzu 0.6.0-beta5

    released, rock solid and provide new great stuff for building portlet applications.   The greatest feature of 0.6.0 is the servlet mode however I won't talk about it there :-) .   However, other great stuf...
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    created by julien_viet
  • Heavy PermGen Usage?

    Greetings--   I've inherited an application that is built on top of GateIn Portal 3.1. The application has dozens of users, maybe hundreds-- hard to say at this point-- and the way it's designed, each one of the...
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  • Cannot create portal [userid] that already exist error

    We're seeing this error with GateIn 3.1.0GA:   java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create portal [userid] that already exist         at org.exoplatform.portal.pom.confi...
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  • ResourceBundle: merging multiple properties file

    Hello, i'm Daniele, i'm new to this community, i searched a lot before opening a new topic, and here I am.   I have a parent portlet that has many derivative portlets (children, as they extend the parent portlet...
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  • How to display page id(name) and portlet id(name) of the current portlet?

    Hi, We have a requirement that in our portlet we need to display the page id (name) and the portlet id(name) of the current portlet deploy in GateIn JBoss EPP 5.2.2 . Can someone point me to the solution? Thanks,...
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  • Switch to Datasource

    I tried to switch from the provided DBPC pool (i think) to a Jboss datasource. Therefore i applied the following changes: - added a datasource file gatein-oracle-ds.xml with the two datasources with the name jdbcidm_...
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  • WSRP service removal procedure (GateIn 3.1)

    This document describes how to remove the WSRP service from GateIn 3.1 and below.   For GateIn 3.3.0.Final with JBoss AS 7.1 and GateIn 3.4.0.M01 with JBoss AS 7.1, this recipe is not proper. You can find it i...
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  • Rewrite URL, hide 'portal'?

    Hi everyone,   how can I rewrite URL's in GateIn 3.1.0? (like mod_rewrite) I suppose it should work, somehow, through a file name rewrite.properties. I will figure the rewrite syntax out, but I would appreciate...
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  • CRaSH 1.0 !

    After two years of development, I'm proud to announce the release of CRaSH 1.0 .   CRaSH is foremost a shell for GateIn!
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  • GateIn Portal for Master Thesis Implementation

    Hi       Im currently working on a master thesis project related to the management of recruitment process, and im looking for a platform to develop the implementation of the thesis for a possible ...
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  • facing an issue with FRAMESET in GateIn

    Hi,   We are facing an issue with FRAMESET in GateIn.   Why we went for FRAMESET: User can open multiple child widows from our portal page. We came up with FRAMESET concept to manage the ‘Child Wind...
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    created by jayabharath