• Setting loginURL and logoutURL dynamically in common-configuration.xml

    Hi All I am using Gatein 3.6 with JBOSS 7 for my application. I have used Gatein Organization API for creating new groups/permission. Also I could add users to newly created groups. My problem is that  I want to...
  • Gate-In registration

    I am working on a project to build a commercial protal over gatein 3.6, and we have our own business requirements for the registration module. I need the user to be registered in the portal plus adding some specific f...
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    last modified by Emad Said
  • 404 Page not found exception in GateIn

    Hi All          I am using Gatein 3.6 with Jboss 7. I have created one custom .ear file also. But when I take some pages I am getting 404 exception. But on refreshing the corr...
  • How can I Remove User with specific Membership from a Group

    Hi All In my application I am using Gatein3.6. I was able to create a new Group and linked a user to that Group with a specific Membership, using Gatein API. I used the following code for this:     ...
  • How can we update site permission through gatein api?

    I tried to give access permission to one group for my portal through gatein API. I used the below code and  gave the permission .But when i tried to give permission to one more group to that portal , the previous...
  • Alfresco-community-4.2.f with JBoss

    Hi,   I am using Alfresco-community-4.2.f, my application server is Jboss-eap-6.2 and MySql database is used. I got installation steps for Alfresco-enterprise on net but I am using above combination, can anyone...
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    created by Poonam SAngle
  • Infinispan StateTransferInProgressException throwing  while reading data from cache

    Hi all     We are using the infinispan caching verion is 5.1.8.There are three nodes all are in the cluster mode     We are giving 120 tps load to the server but at some particular time the serve...
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    created by Rasmi Sahu
  • Customizing Themes and Skins in GateIn 3.6

    I have looked online for documentation on customizing themes and skins in Jboss Portal built from GateIn 3.6 but could not find anything useful. Can anyone please help me in this regard?   Thanks in advance.
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    created by raghu kokku
  • Refresh problem in gatein 3.6

    Hai        I have different portlets in my dashboard , When i edit a portlet and return back to the view portlet, all portlets are getting refreshed.
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    created by Varghese Soman
  • How can we disable navigation portlet, breadcumbs portlet and footer portlet when we click on maximized view

    Hi All,   I have a portal and in portal.xml, i have configured portal-layout that navigation portlet, breadcumbs portlet, footer portlet exists in it.And as expected, in every pages of our portal, we can see all...
  • Remote JS files given as portlet dependencies in gatein-resources.xml not working

    I want to use http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js in a portlet having name Banner     for that in gatein-resources.xml i have declaired it as a shaired resource with name googlemap and add googlemap as depen...
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    created by Midhun M R
  • HowTo setup a new GateIN Portal?

    Hi GateIn-Community,   I am very new in developing portal-solutions. The “Is-Situation“is that I need a Portal Solution with CMS for a project with the following specifications: -   ...
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    last modified by Steffen Kau
  • Migrating from jboss portal to Gatein

    Hello everyone I want to migrate my project from jboss portal to gatein release. so i need to see a demo project if provided by anyone or any help regarding it that how i can configure my new project in gatein and whi...
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    last modified by Abhishek Kumar
  • UILazyTabPane Groovy Template

    Hi All,   I am, quite unsuccessfully, attempting to use the provided 'UILazyTabPane.gtmpl' Groovy template to sort of lazily render the contents of the tabs in a Tab Container. The thinking behind this is that I...
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    created by Brian Todd
  • Gatein (3.6.1) reusing session across application server?

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure out what is causing the same session to be shared across my web applications and the Gatein deployment (infinispan?). I basically have 2 web applications deployed (not portlets, ju...
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    last modified by fs2007
  • Problem with compiling GateIn WCM

    I'm compliling GateIn WCM regarding to this installation guide: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/GTNWCM/1.+Getting+Started        with Apache Maven 3.0.4 In step "1.2.3 Build"...
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    created by gott
  • assign componentId to portlet

    With Gatein, is there a way to assign componentId to a portlet? I want to be able to form a URL like this send an action request to the portlet whose componentId would be myPortlet http://www.mysite.com/portal/my-po...
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    last modified by Don Ha
  • want to customize existing navigation portlet UI.

    hi everyone i want to customize the navigation portlet. i want to over-rite existing navigation css i have made the changes in the gatein-resources.xml as well but its not picking the css which i have provided can s...
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    created by Divya Goyal
  • How to keep login modal diaglog up when login fails

    Hi, I created a portal extension, and everything works fine. The default behavior would show the extension login page if login attempt fails. I want to just customize the login process so that the login modal dialo...
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    created by Don Ha
  • i am new in JBoss Portal development. i want to create my own custom portal using custom themes and skins i have used Jboss JPP 6.1.0

    i have followed this link https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/GTNPORTAL36/Custom+Skin+for+a+Portlet but i am not able to understand the basic structure which my project should follow and how shouls i can create cus...
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    created by Divya Goyal