• Infinispan 9.x Wildfly/EAP modules on Wildfly 11 cause errors on startup (SASL, reloadRequired)

    I followed the instructions for installing the latest Infinispan as a module into Wildfly 11: Infinispan 9.1 User Guide  (21. Integrations -> 21.9 Infinispan modules for WildFly -> 21.9.3 Usage--Server Mode...
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  • HQ122001: Unhandled exception thrown from onMessage: org.infinispan.commons.CacheException: Could not commit implicit transaction

    We have 2 jboss instances with replicated/sync infinispan caches. It is intermittently giving OOM error when they are restarted one by one. Here is the exception trace:   2017-12-01 23:37:24,739 WARN  [org....
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  • Problems with Infinispan as 2nd Level Hibernate Cache

    In a clustered environment with 4 nodes we use Infinispan as 2nd Level Hibernate Cache. We use Infinispan 8.2.5 and JGroups 3.6.7. When there is much work load on one of the servers we already often got problems with...
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  • Wildfly 10.1.0 treecache invocationBatching

    When trying to get the cache as a treecache I get the following exception.   Caused by: org.infinispan.commons.CacheConfigurationException: invocationBatching is not enabled for cache 'treeCache'. Make sure this ...
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  • org.infinispan.transaction.WriteSkewException after upgrade to 9.1.3.Final

    After I upgraded from 8.2.8.Final to 9.1.3.Final I see a lot of WiriteSkewExceptions when writing to the Cache.     2017-12-03_00:00:00.691 [pool-9-thread-2] ERROR o.i.t.impl.TransactionCoordinator - ISPN0...
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  • Memcached Module and UTF-8

    I just tried to use memcached to write and read back a key which contains UTF-8:   String key = "dorothy-perkins-angela-仿麂皮粗跟靴-褐色"; mc.set(key, 0, "test"); log.info("Key: {}", mc.get(key));   2017-11-23 ...
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  • How to access cache used by jcache annotations?

    Hello,   following question: How can I access the cache used by the jcache annotations? I expected the following to work, but well.. I wouldn't ask if it would.   @Stateless @CacheDefaults(cacheName = User...
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  • Wildfly 10 + Infinispan module + JCache

    I'm using Wildfly 10.1.0 + Infinispan 8.2.4.Final + cache API 1.0.0 trying to enable Infinispan Jcache Interceptors in my application with minimum efforts, with no programmatic setup if possible. I want to make such a...
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  • Wildfly 10 MDB deployment issue

    Hi, I am facing an issue while deploying MDB in Wildfly 10. I am trying to deploy the MDB with resource adapter activemq-rar-5.15.0.   Wildfly server log shows error- "Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException...
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  • Unknown artifact type[test-jar] with Infinispan 5.2.5.Final

    I'm trying to use infinispan-core and infinispan-cdi, both versions 5.2.5.Final in my maven based JEE 6 application. When I build it I get this error: Reactor Summary:     TestInfinispan ....................
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  • Infinispan JDBCMigrator unable to set 'db.disable_upsert' property

    Hi,   I'm trying to migrate my JDBC persisted data from infinispan 8.2.8 to 9.1.3 with JDBCMigrator tool. Since I'm using DerbyDB as a backing store I need to disable upserts. Somehow the property "target.db.dis...
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  • Having issues building the infinispan repo in IntelliJ

    I've managed to build the repo without issue following the instructions in Contributing to Infinispan but not having the same success when building from IntelliJ. Running into errors like:   Error: osgi: [infini...
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  • Persistence singlefilestore with Spring JCache fails to hot reload

    Hi   I'm using Spring Boot 1.5.8.RELEASE with Infinispan 9.1.3.Final with JCache. In spring 4.3.x they introduced a Cachable(sync=true) option see Integration This seem not supported in Infinispan when using s...
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  • Remote script execution fails with marshaling error on 9.2.1 but succeeds on 8.2.8.Final

    Hi,   I am upgrading keycloak from 3.2.1 to 3.4.0 with external Infinispan 9.2.1. Keycloak communicates to external Infinispan on hotrod protocol(using remote store).   As part of initial cache loading fro...
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  • Infinispan c++/Java remote client - compatibility issues

    Hi all,   we are trying to achieve interoperation between an Infinispan c++ client and a java client connecting through HotRod to the same server (9.1.2.Final) but we are ecountering lots of problems. After fo...
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  • Why is near caching a configuration property?

    My application uses Hotrod to interact with three caches in a remote cluster.  Two are large but one only contains a handful of frequently used items so I'd like to enable near caching on the small cache but not ...
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  • Replicated Cache - org.infinispan.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: ISPN000476

    Hi All, We are using infinispan replicated cache and observing below error in our performance test lab setup.   Infinispan version - 9.1.1 Final   Replicated Cache Configuration : <replicated-cache na...
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  • Windows Authentication with JBoss and Active Directory

    Hi folks, I am trying to configure JBoss to only allow access to a specific web folder if the user logged to the origin workstation that is requesting the page is a valid user that is registered in a specific Active ...
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  • 2 DC in same cluster. Web(Admin) console only comes up for one DC.

    Hi,   We are using infinispan-9.1.1. Final.   Following is my structure:   - One DC in my PC. - One DC in my colleague's PC.   I am starting both DC's by running domain.bat. And since both the DCs ...
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  • Hibernate query cache always have cache miss even if result is retrieved from cache

    Hi,   Enabled  L2 cache, including query cache in Wildfly 10.1.0 Final, working with a standard standalone.xml configuration and project with JPA.         <shared-cach...
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