• Access WildFly Infinispan Cache Container from Web Application

    Hi all,   we are trying to access Infinispan CacheManager in order to use it from a Web Application   Is there a way to do this ?   We followed some examples found around on SO and other sites but up...
    Andrea Parodi
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  • New DynamoDB cache store for Infinspan

    We would like to contribute a new cache store implementation for persisting Infinispan data to AWS DynamoDB.   The project repo:   DynamoDB Cache Store — Bitbucket   Complete JavaDocs:   ...
  • How to force a cache load when calling get?

    How can I do a Cache.get operation, forcing the entry to be loaded from the configured cache store?   I see there is Cache.getAdvancedCache().withFlags(Flag.SKIP_CACHE_LOAD), but not the opposite.
    Vladimir Dzhuvinov
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  • HotRod Client and RESTFul Client behavior

    Hello,   From a security perspective, I have a vanilla cross-site domain mode (2 sites) Infinispan installation. Based on the default settings, if I create create a cache entry via Hotrod client, should I also b...
    cd cd
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  • HotRod client behavior

    Hi,   My Infinispan 8 environment consists of a cross-site configuration running in domain mode. is my server running on PROD1 site and is my server running in PROD2 site When I ...
    cd cd
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  • Running Infinispan locally and connect it via Hot Rod Remote Client

    Hey folks,   A few weeks ago I started to work with Infinispan Remote Caches. It's running in a remote cluster, and I can use the Hot Rod Client to connect to the data.   What I want to achive is to provi...
    Lena Herrmann
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  • Infinispan 7.0.3Final Cluster ISPN000214: Unable to remove entry under WARNs

    We are running on Solaris Sparc, Java 8, a cluster of two Infinispan 7.0.3 Final nodes, deployed on 2 separate zones, on the same global machine. I attached the Infinispan configuration.   The Infinispan cluste...
    Carolina Contiu
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  • Hibernate query cache always have cache miss even if result is retrieved from cache

    Hi,   Enabled  L2 cache, including query cache in Wildfly 10.1.0 Final, working with a standard standalone.xml configuration and project with JPA.         <shared-cach...
    Andrius Karpavicius
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  • Cross-site setup: Does BackupSender needs to send backup with the acquired lock?

    Hi,   I have 2 infinispan 8.2.8.Final servers and they are setup to talk to each other through the RELAY2 and backup caches as described in the Cross-site documentation - Client-server mode: https://access.redha...
    Marek Posolda
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  • History of API changes for Infinispan Core

    Here is the report on API changes and backward binary compatibility for the Infinispan Core library: https://abi-laboratory.pro/java/tracker/timeline/infinispan-core/   The report is generated by the https://gi...
    Andrey V. Ponomarenko
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  • ISPN005003: Exception reported: java.lang.IllegalStateException: WFLYDM0043: No CallbackHandler available for mechanism DIGEST in realm ldap-security-realm

    Hi All,   I'm using Infinispan 8.2.8. I'm in the process of configuring LDAP authentication. Does DIGEST-MD5 work with LDAP?   Kind Regards, cd
    cd cd
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  • Cluster startup with Partition

    Hello:   I just recently enabled partition handling via '<partition-handling enabled="true"/>' to my distributed cache (cross-site configuration v8.2.8). It is also configured for owners="2". When I start ...
    cd cd
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  • dump2.txt

    Marek Posolda
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  • Enforce TLS 1.2 encryption

    Hello, is it possible to configure Infinispan for enforced TLS 1.2 communication between cache clients and server nodes?
  • Management rest api User with read only capability

    Hi,   I want to use Infinispan's rest api to query server health. It requires to be authenticated against a user which needs to added using add-user.sh.   I would like this user to be restricted as a read-...
    Vikrant Singh
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  • java.lang.StackOverflowError - Infinispan cache

    HI,   When I try to update cache element frequently, then I got Error while cache try to save element into file store   java.lang.StackOverflowError     2017-04-12 00:00:03,534 ERROR [stderr] (T...
    Satish Shelake
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  • Infinispan 9.1.1 Final - AdminFlag.PERSISTENT not working

    Hi,   I am using infinispan 9.1.1-Final in a server-client architecture with caches configured as distributed caches. I am trying to create a new, non-existent cache through programming. It is getting created bu...
    Jeet Bavishi
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  • Confused by the indexing change introduced by 9.1.1.Final.

    I can use persistence and eviction with LuceneIndexesMetadata cache in the 9.1.0.Final. But now I can't use the settings with 9.1.1.Final.   When I enable persistence and eviction, I get the error below. Lucen...
    Seto Kaiba
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  • Infinispan Mass Indexing

    Currently we are using infinispan 7.0.3.Final version . We have a replicated cache (file-based-persistence) and its clustered. We also use jgroups to communicate between nodes.   We recently saw loss of indices...
    Shriram Ganesam
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  • Redistribution of Infinispan Server / License Compliance

    Hi All,   we are looking into redistributing Infinispan-Server (currently in version 8.6.2.Final) in a commercial context.   To be able to do this in a compliant fashion, we'd like to better understand the...
    Karsten Klein
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