• Receiving "failed unmarshalling buffer into return value" error during clusters connection

    Hi   I'm using distributions:   infinispan-7.0.2.Final-all infinispan-server-7.0.2.Final-bin   I've started two nodes, one as a standalone server and one as an embedded server, both running on the s...
    Ilya Kikoin
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  • How do I configure infinispan in capedwarf for persistent store behavior?

    Hi, I'm Jonathan.   I'm using capedwarf. Capedwarf(Wildfly) is a project that provides platform-like features as a Google App Engine service. Capedwarf uses Infinispan(Infinispan 6.x) to store the data. Everythi...
  • infinispan-embedded/9.1.0.Final -Multiple SLF4J bindings problem

    Hello,   I am using logback but when I tried to use "orbit" framework which is used "infinispan-embedded/9.1.0.Final" jar as dependency I got Multiple SLF4J bindings problem. As I see logging implementation is ...
    Kamil BÜKÜM
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  • Infinispan 8.2.6 data inconsistency after recovering from split-brain-problem

    Hi All,   we have system with 8 {A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H} controllers in cloud. Some caches are distributed with owners="5". All caches are transactional. Each controller holds it's data in special configuration ...
    Michal Stehlik
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  • Peculiar behavior of invalidation-cache?

    Hi,   I was investigating the invalidation-cache setting for entity in wildfly 10.1.0, and found some peculiar behavior. I am not sure if this is by design or if I need to make any configuration change.   ...
    Wayne Wang
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  • How to lookup individual key without updating lastUsed entry metadata?

    Hi all,   Is there a way to do Cache.containsKey or Cache.get without affecting the last used metadata (connected to max idle)?
    Vladimir Dzhuvinov
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  • LuceneCacheLoader - Write-Through Implementation Help

    Hi,   I would like to implement write-through on LuceneCacheLoader (Version 9.1)   Wonder if anyone has already done that and would be willing to share the code?   I would really appreciate, if someo...
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  • How to create Deployable Cache store and deploy to infinispan server\standalone\deployments

    I am looking for the configuration-guide to build a deployable cache store for cassandra. i just downloaded the "cassandra-driver-core-3.0.0.redhat-1.jar"  file from mvn repostiory and placed under deployment fol...
    jagadeesh sivasankaran
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  • Cassandra as store for Infinispan in client server mode

    I am experimenting with using Cassandra as cache store for infinispan 8.2.5 cluster in Client Server mode, I could not find any documentation on configuration options, Please let me know if you have any pointers. ...
    Vijay K
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  • Infinispan Cluster on Tomcat

    I setup two tomcat instances.  I have an initialization servlet on each that sets up a distributed cache like this:   GlobalConfigurationBuilder global = GlobalConfigurationBuilder.defaultClusteredBuilder();...
    Greg Parker
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  • org.infinispan.client.hotrod.exceptions.TransportException:: Could not fetch transport

    I launched "infinispan-server-9.1.0.Final" at one server. From the output, the server is running successfully. Then I tried to use HotRod method to access cache on windows machine. The following lists major code: &#...
    Wayne DU
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  • Openshift - Infinispan uses pod ip address in cluster instead of hostname

    Hi,   We have deployed Infinispan 9.x cluster in Openshift environment. Once all Infinispan nodes joins cluster they starts communicating on ip address instead of using hostname even if jGroups stack used is TCP...
    Vikrant Singh
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  • Error while registering the remote executable script

    Hi,   I am running 9.1.0 Final version of the Infinispan Server in WildFly, when I tried to register a remote script using a hot rod client I am getting the following error. In debugger, I see that I can success...
    Ramesh Reddy
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  • [Blocker] Inifnispan server stop responding (near cache configured , clustered environment, client server configuration)

    Hi everyone,   We have been facing infinispan server issue while we are testing our application with 100 concurrent active session each cluster node of our application.   Infinispan server configuration. &...
    Vishal Patel
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  • Bug in the memcached implementation

    I saw that with the 9.1 release, there were also some changes to the memcached server, but this scenario still produces a bug: GitHub - wolframite/infinispan_memcached_bug: Reproduce bug for infinispan memcached serve...
    Wolfram Huesken
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  • Logging in Infinispan Cluster

    We have an application using hibernate 5.2.5 with hibernate-infinispan / infinispan 8.2.5 as 2nd level cache implementation.This application runs in a cluster of 4 nodes. Occasionally we get reports for errors which ...
    Stephan Feroudj
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  • Infinispan cache-container debugging

    Hi Everyone,   I have a system(JBoss 6.1) that use infinispan cache container to store information about application for HA services.   How do I debug,analyze and monitor this cache-container( check the in...
    Jose Martinez
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  • Infinispan Rest API 1; Hotrod API 0

    Infinispan 9 offers REST API out-of-the-box, which I was delighted with until I attempted to read the distributed cache via the Hotrod API.   This is the problem: Used REST API to populate the cache, then attemp...
    Kevin Henry
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  • Reading data on ABORT_ONLY transaction

    Hello everyone   We have a need to read data on a transaction that is in ABORT_ONLY state. By checking JBoss Cache 3.x we see that it is permitted but when using Infinispan it gives the following error  ...
    Anatoly Satanovskiy
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  • Infinispan UI interface show blank page for one domain when two domain is started in same network

    Hi galder.zamarreno and nadirx   I have been facing this issue with infinispan version 9.0.1 final and 9.1.0 CR1 version.   What I did:   - Create one domain in my local pc (domain address : vishal.l...
    Vishal Patel
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