• The hiberate cache for entity or query does not work for a while once the record is changed by another wildfly instance in the cluster

    Hi,   I am investigating the cache management in a cluster environment of two wildfly 10.1.0 Final instances.   Basically, I have two instances (w1 and w2) in the cluster connecting to the same database, a...
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  • Server instances under server-group running on two different physical machine

    I have configured Domain Mode with remote host controller. Setup is explained in this article How to Configure a Simple JBoss Cluster in Domain Mode | C2B2 Blog   <servers>      ...
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  • JBoss Clustering in IPv6 environment on Windows is not working

    I am deploying an application in Jboss clustering Ipv6 environment. I have given the host_1 and host_1 as the name of hosts instead of ip addresses. After starting the two nodes, they are not sharing the broadcast m...
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    created by vishalbhalerao
  • fail to call cluster EJB

    Hi, I have a EJB which depends on a sar service, ejb and sar locate on same ear package file.   ejb deployment description as below: <session>          <ejb-nam...
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    created by freeliuade
  • Issue in Session replication from slave to master

    Hi All, i had configured clustering with 2 node, with Httpd in the front end. clustering is working fine, if master is down, session is replicated to slave. but issue is when slave is down, session is not replicate...
  • mod_cluster SSL setup/implementation (JBoss AS --> httpd)

    Hi,   I have little problems with how the password attribute of the ssl element in the JBoss AS7 modcluster subsystem is used.   Let's say we already have a truststore defined using system properties: ...
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    created by jicken
  • getting [emerg] create_mem_node /etc/httpd/logs/manager.node failed: Permission denied Configuration Failed when starting apache on rhel 6 after mod_cluster is added

    Hello all - I am getting the following error when I try to start apache on rhel 6.   [emerg] create_mem_node /etc/httpd/logs/manager.node failed: Permission denied Configuration Failed   Note that apache...
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  • Question on HASingleton service in JBoss 5

    Hi,   I am writing a clusterwise singleton service to one of our applications.  It is working fine and singleton service change it's master node when there is a server shut down. The problem I am facing is ...
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    created by lasanthar78
  • JPA Entity(hibernate) update is not replicated with REPL_SYNC cache mode

    Dear JBoss users,   I am using jboss AS 5.0 and I have the following issue :   I am working on POF with having stateless session bean in cluster (round robin) in front of the hibernate-jpa. The second leve...
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  • Programatically identifying master/slave nodes in JBoss AS 7.1

    Is there an API available, which can tell me if the current node (on which this piece of code is running) is a master or a slave? Probably, in most cases, you dont care, but say if you dont implement a ha singleton se...
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  • Build errors with mod_cluster_1.2.1.Final

    When I builded mod_cluster_1.2.1.Final from SVN [http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/mod_cluster/tags/1.2.1.Final/], the follow error encountered.   org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuildingException: Some problems w...
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    created by zhouqikun
  • JBoss Clustering with Apache -- Reverse Proxy Setup

    Hi,   I am totally new to this field of deployement and I was trying to implement the Load Balancing via Apache 2.2.22 and Clustering using JBoss-eap-5.1. I achieved both on my local with "localhost". The proble...
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  • When I builded the mod_cluster trunk failed.

    [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.0.2:compile (default-compile) on project mod_cluster-core: Compilation failure [ERROR] E:\OpenSource\mod_cluster_trunk\core\src\main\jav...
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  • Calls to clustered EJB not balanced

    Hi, I have an application using EJB 2.1 Message Driven Beans and JMS to perform load balanced asynchronous (long running) processes in a cluster. This part I wanted to replace by EJB 3 Stateless Session Beans with a...
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  • SEAM application  - Clustering works for SFSB annotated with @Clustered but does not work for Non-SFSB

    Hello,   Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.  I have posted this on the SEAM forum, but no luck there.   Just curious if anyone can help me out with this issue:   I've cre...
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  • Reference docs for clustering for Jboss-6.1.0.Final

    We are trying to set up below tasks using Jboss-6.1.0.Final   load balancing clustering singleton clustering jboss cache   Things completed: load balancing   Searhed in net for clutering tutorial,...
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    created by rajhbaje
  • HASingletonDeployer is not registered

    Hi All,   I have four jbosses working in one cluster. Sometimes when I stop or restart one of them I get following error:   ERROR [  ] [org.springframework.scheduling.support.MethodInvokingRunnable] ...
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    created by polok

    I'm having problems created during replication between the servers that are clustered. The error presented is the following: 09/30/2011 18:16:50,142 ERROR [org.jboss.cache.marshall.CacheMarshaller300] (ajp-172.29....
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    created by acacio.cintra
  • HAPartation

    I have Started working with JBoss Cluster, I have a few basic questions   What is the use of HAPartation (Besides we have cluster services, what is the difference).   We have JGroups Channels for configur...
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    created by jagadeshm
  • java.net.SocketException with Jboss cluster

    Hi friends, When i am making cluster with only two node it is showing this  exception   2010-09-27 12:26:40,750 ERROR  [org.jgroups.blocks.ConnectionTable] (ReceiverThread) exception is java.net.Sock...
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    created by gourav1688