• problem after installation

    Hello all,   I have a problem and cannot find anything in the forums. I've downloaded profiler Beta 5, extracted, went through installation, configuration and command-line client sections from UserGuide.pdf. I...
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  • Memory profiling report

    Hi Everyone,   Can someone please give me indication regarding what file I should look at to get the AS memory/CPU usage report? I am using Jboss profiler 2.0.0 beta 5. on JbossAs 5.1. Managed to get the report...
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  • Profiling EJB3 empty result

    Dear All I have installed the JBoss profiler 2 Beta5 with JBoss AS 5.1. I read carefully the JBoss-Profiler2-UserGuid.pdf for the installation and configuration (Section 3.1 & 4). When I start the profiler using c...
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  • How to find a memory leak with JBoss Profiler 2 Beta 5

    Hi guys,      I have a problem in my software, there are memory leaks and I don`t know how to find with JBoss Profiler.        I have already generate reports, but I don't know ana...
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    created by Gustavo Costa
  • Snapshot directory empty

    After installing and configuring JBoss profiler 2 beta 5 onto Jboss Application Server 5.1.0 I got a ClassNotFoundException on org.jboss.profiler.shared.Command when interacting with the profiler command line client t...
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  • Profiler running, no data captured

    Hi folks, I'm trying to profile two WAR apps, one Seam and one Spring, with the v2 profiler. The profiler has been installed and is running (I can access the Controller MBean in the web-console), but when I look at t...
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  • Problem with JBoss Profiler 2 Beta install.

    I have installed one of the profiler 2 beta files, the larger of the two, though it's not clear if I need both or not. I believe I have followed the instructions in the README.txt, but starting JBoss fails: ========...
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  • jboss-profiler-2.0.0 Configuration Issue.

    I'm trying to configure jboss-profiler. I have followed below step as per UserGuide. But while starting my jboss instance. I'm getting below exception. Any idea? Server detail OS : AIX 6.1 JDK : JDK1.5 Jboss Version...
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  • Regarding jboss-profiler-1.0.CR4 Vs jdk1.6.0_07

    Hi,   I would like to know the compatablity among jboss-profiler-1.0.CR4, jdk1.6.0_07 and jboss-4.2.3.GA.   Will this combination work?   Karthik
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  • Has this project stalled?

    I see quite a few user questions that have gone unanswered and no beta release since early last year.   I'm interested in the project but don't want to spend the time if it is a dead end.   I believe I hav...
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  • Thoughts on jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta3.SP1 install/usage instr

    Hi Cleber et. al. This is my first time running jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta3.SP1. I've just downloaded it, started investigating README.txt and there comes my feedback. - In the begining, README.txt mentions 'command li...
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  • Simple (hopefully) new user questions.

    First, I've read through the documentation and *think* I have everything setup correctly. Since I don't see any threads here about this issue, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how I've configured it or it'...
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  • Beta6 remaining issues

    Hi all, When looking at the remaining issues for Beta6, I notice that there are only some library issues remaining. Does that mean it is stable enough to be used? I'd like to give the web-ui a try. Also, what is the...
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    last modified by Ronald van Kuijk
  • Starting JBoss profiler in a standalone java application

    Hi All, I'm trying to use JBoss profiler for a standalone java application: I started the java application with following VM parameters -javaagent:jboss-profiler.jar -Djboss-profiler.properties=jboss-profiler.prop...
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  • JBoss Profiler snapshot doesn't work

    I have tried using jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta2 and jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta3.SP1 on my machine having jdk 1.6.0_07 installed. I am attempting to profile an ear application deployed on JBoss v4.2.3.ga. Now when I try to ...
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  • Error Message while starting JBoss - JBoss-Profiler

    Hi All, I have Configured JBoss-Profiler as per the instructions. While starting the JBoss I am getting the following Error. this is the new DLL Running process on Windows 1332 ERROR: JVMPI, an experimental interfa...
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    created by gopi b
  • JBOSS-PROFILER not picking process Id

    Hi All, I am able to run JBOSS-PROFILER on a windows machine, when i run localhost:8080/jboss-profiler & select "runtime Profiler" then providing directory of logging it is unable to detect Process Id of JVM? i a...
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    created by gopi b
  • JBoss Profiler Installation in Windows - questions

    Hi all, I'm absolutely new in JBoss technology. I have two PCs in my workplace (both in our local network): 1. Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP3 with JBoss 4.0.5.GA installed 2. Windows 2000 Advanced Server S...
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    last modified by Alex Nik
  • Profiler JMX domain

    The current domain is org.jboss.profiler all other jboss MBeans use jboss.foo Please consider dropping the "org." prefix from the domain
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    created by Thomas Diesler
  • Error when trying to get simple snapshot

    Hi, I installed the profiler according the manual the jboss sa starts ok. When trying to invoke: java -jar jboss-profiler-client.jar snapshot I get: 19:04:05,734 ERROR [ServerThread] Worker thread initialization fai...
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    created by Roded Hess