• Slow performance spring.io flow from ActiveMQ to OracleAQ with XA

    I have a Spring integration flow which bridges from ActiveMQ to OracleAQ. See example project under GitHub - cknzl2014/springio-ora-xa.   When I run it without XA, it is blazingly fast. With XA, it processes o...
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  • Tomcat integration issue  with MySql Database

    I am facing issue while integrating JBossTS with Tomcat 8. I am following MySQL database. Below is the stack strace :   WARN: ARJUNA012125: TwoPhaseCoordinator.beforeCompletion - failed for SynchronizationImple...
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  • Java 9 and javax.transaction

    Hello   I've seen this  JTA API on Java 9 ? and I do not quite understand what the end user should actually do. I am migrating a microservice framework to java 9 and most of javax.transaction classes are no...
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  • How transactions and participants resources are populated ?

    Hi, looking at runtime resources at /subsystem=transactions/log-store=log-store/transactions=*/participants=*, under which circunstances the transactions=* and participants=* are populated with runtime resources. I ...
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  • runtime attributes of transactions subsystem

    Hi, I am interested to better understand some runtime attributes of transactions subsystem.   1) Does the "number-of-heuristics" counts only as rollbacks ? I did some tests with a sample application and whene...
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  • txBridge in conjunction with RESTAT JTA bridge for interoperability between RESTAT and WSAT transactions

    Hello.   I'm currently trying to solve a challenge we have related to achieving atomic distributed transactions between rest and soa services. We have some rest services that are being coordinated by narayana RT...
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  • Issue upgrading Narayana from 5.5.23.Final to 5.5.24.Final

    Hi,   I'm trying to upgrade HIbernate OGM to the Narayana version used in WildFly 11 (5.5.30.Final).   Hibernate OGM was using a quite old 5.4.0.Final and after the upgrade I started to see this failure: C...
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  • JNDI lookup issue in ubuntu packaged Tomcat7-8

    Hi there,   I recently developed a batch spring based webapp which makes use of 3 datasources spanning across distinct mysql instances, successfully tested on the official Apache Tomcat 7 (0.68, 0.72, 0.76) and ...
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  • SOS!!! ARJUNA016083: Can't register synchronization because the transaction is in aborted state

    Hi! I faced with the exception. Why it occurs? How I can fix it?   I am working on project hibernate ogm for Apache Ignite. If one test failed ... all next tests failed too with the exception. I tried ways that...
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  • Multiple DataSources in one transaction

    Hi all,   I have been working a couple of weeks on a requirement that requires modifying some methods that are using transactions, the code between the transaction can read/update/delete/etc elements in the data...
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  • Consequences of restarting one of participants in a distributed transaction

    In short: my question is about the mechanism of committing changes in a distributed transaction. Distributed between two Wildfly server instances. What's important in my examples, is that one of servers is restarted b...
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  • How to view properties of ironjacamar.xml file in JBoss7 web console

    0down votefavorite     I am deploying an ironjacamar.xml file, packaged inside an rar file to JBoss7. Here is my file structure for the ironjacamar file. src/main/rar/META_INF/ironjacamar.xml Here is my co...
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  • During first start set node identfier to generated UUID

    Hi,   when I started WF10/EAP 7 then I saw following warning in server.log: 11:39:12,686 WARN  [org.jboss.as.txn] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 70) WFLYTX0013: Node identifier property is set to the defaul...
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  • JTS StandAlone<->Spring  Setup

    Im new to Narayana and JBoss in general, so I'm having a bit of difficulty setting up JTS to work with Spring.   I did the following: 1. Execute jts-jacorb-setup-env.[bat|sh] to put Narayana in the classpath 2...
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  • Narayana Commit Order

    We are looking to replace our current XA transaction manager.  However, the use of our current transaction manager that manages both JMS queues and database transactions requires the JMS message commit to occur l...
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  • JTA API on Java 9 ?

    Hello all, we've been testing various projects on Java 9, which is now including jigsaw, the modules system.   The Java9 default modules include a module named "java.transaction" and this exports the "javax.tra...
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  • Atomic Transactions in standalone-full.xml

    Hi,   is it possible to add whatever is needed to enable Atomic Transactions in standalone-full.xml?   As I understood from https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-eap-quickstarts/tree/7.1.x-develop/wsat-...
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  • Narayana: interop with IBM Websphere AS ?

    Our company has a lot of legacy code running in WAS (IBM Websphere Application Server). In the long run we want to replace WAS with JbossAS/Wildfly. As a first step we would like to run new EJBs in Wildfly and allow ...
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  • LRCO Technique with Narayana in Spring+Tomcat

    Hello,   I've a web application that I would like to run using Narayana Transaction Manager in a Spring environment. Our stack is: Tomcat Spring Standalone Narayana TM Hibernate ActiveMQ MariaDB Galera Clu...
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  • tpreturn() cannot send large reply message.

    tpreturn() seems to non-block send without checking tranfer length. HybridSocketEndpointQueue::_send() needs wrapper around apr_socket_send() as stomp_write_buffer() ? [blacktie.log] 2017-01-17 16:04:35,723 [0x7febe...
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