• TransactionRequiredException with the jpa idm quick start

    It seemed right to me open a new discussion for my own problem rather than abusing of the other one so here we are. I'm running the demo in the subject on jboss as 7.1 + richfaces. Basically I did not made any major...
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    last modified by Fernando Marinò
  • Needed an example of picketlink federation SP using IDP as waad(windows azure ad)

    Hi All,   Thanks a lot for all the examples to understand concepts. I am fcaing an issue when I use waad as my IDP . Redirect is always going back to home page (page provided in picketlink.xml) . It is not showi...
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  • SecurityConfigurationEvent doesn't fire

    Authentication not works.   Env: jdk 1.8.0_152 wildfly 11 maven 3.5   Project: parent pom project with wildfly bom and picketlink bom modules: ear, ejb, war   In war project 1) added dependenci...
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  • Updating PicketLink with Tomcat 8.5/9.0

    Hi Team,   I am planning to implement SAML 2.0 in my application but i am using Tomcat version 8.5 and PicketLink is only updated till Tomcat version 7 and when i am trying to use PicketLink with Tomcat 8.5/9.0 ...
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  • Updated PicketLink tomcat package to make it work with Tomcat8.5/9.0

    Hi Team,   I modified PicketLink org.picketlink.identity.federation.bindings.tomcat package code to make it compatible with Tomcat 8.5 and 9.0. I want to contribute, Can u please share the link where i can comm...
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  • Authenticate with either LDAP or JPA stores

    I am trying to get authentication to work in WildFly 10 using two partitions, one with LDAP and one with JPA. I dont understand how to @Inject the identity when there is more than one partition, so can call identity.l...
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    created by Tom Stiemerling
  • How can signout PICKETLINK IDP session on SP browser tab closed?

    How can signout PICKETLINK IDP session on SP browser tab closed?
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  • How to configure SP logout page using PicketLink

    Hi all,   I have the following working environment: PicketLink as an idP (v 2.6.0.Final) Liferay as an SP. I created PicketLink metadata and share it with Liferay. The SSO feature works well and now I wan...
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  • Failed to define class org.picketlink.identity.federation.bindings.wildfly.sp.SPServletExtension in Module "org.picketlink.federation.bindings:main"

    Hello, I tried deploying jboss-picketlink-quickstarts (namely "picketlink-federation-saml-sp-post-with-signature") on Wildfly 10.1.0 and 11.0.0 with Picketlink upgraded to 2.7.1 (using picketlink-installer-2.7.1.Fina...
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  • Needed urgent help idp is checking for sp ip address

    Hi All,     we have created an application using picketlink for SP and IDP.   But in our case IDP is trying to validate the client ip address , soon we entered the ip address of the client ValidatingA...
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    created by vinay abhyankar
  • IdentityBeanDefinition destory on domain mode clustered environment exception

    Hi,   We use jboss eap 7.0 domain mode with picketlink 2.7.1.Final. When we login our front side page(session create) and keep stay in one page(waiting timeout). Then we restart back side server before session...
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  • JPA and LDAP configuration

    I am attempting to configure PicketLink IDM in the following scenario:   Users, groups and group memberships are to be stored in an LDAP data store Everything else (roles, grants, etc.) are to be stored in a JP...
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  • AudienceRestriction issue

    I am running the V2.7.1 of picketlink as SP(JBOSS v7.1.1.Final)  and pingFederate is the IDP.   I am trying to understand the commit [PLINK-PLINK-692] - Audience restriction check is too strict. · sara...
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  • Needed an example of picketlink federation IDP using database

    Hi All,   First of all thanks for providing a quick start examples to understand the concept of how the picketlink works.   I am able to successfully run the examples of federation IDP/SP with the roles an...
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    created by vinay abhyankar
  • Picketlink java version

    Hi All,   I am planning to use the picket as an IDP in one of our application running in wildfly 10.   But as per the docs of the PicketLink says that it is compatible with java 6 or java 7 but we are usin...
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  • Externalizing PicketLink configuration? How?

    Hello,   Our application is being installed on multiple servers by consultants and customers. The current way of configuring SAML with PicketLink consists of changing the picklink-idfed.xml which is within the W...
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  • Wildfly 10

    Hi, I have a idp.war, sp.war and myapp.war. In EAP6 a have a valve configure and in myapp.war I have un login-config to my valve but How I can configure in wildfly?   Thank
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    created by Martin Langlois
  • Turn off 'WWW-Authenticate' Response Header upon 401 Status' in Wildfly for angularjs application

    Hello,   as the title says I am looking for a way to turn off the WWW-Authenticate header responded by wildfly in case of a failed basic authentication.   The background: In my angular application I want...
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  • Oracle Authentication Management Assertion Role attribute parsing in the service provider

    Hi,   for the Login Module, is there any specific configuration required to handle comma separated values in a role specification? Using JBoss EAP 6.4 and Picketlink 2.7.1.Final I managed to integrate into the O...
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    last modified by Ralf Hack
  • How to set ProtocolBinding to redicet in IdP reply

    Hi!   We are using ADFS as the SAML idp for our applications. For some reasons we need ADFS to reply using a redirect binging, not a post binding.   We have set picketlink.xml like this:   <Picket...
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