• JPA and LDAP configuration

    I am attempting to configure PicketLink IDM in the following scenario:   Users, groups and group memberships are to be stored in an LDAP data store Everything else (roles, grants, etc.) are to be stored in a JP...
    Dylan Piergies
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  • AudienceRestriction issue

    I am running the V2.7.1 of picketlink as SP(JBOSS v7.1.1.Final)  and pingFederate is the IDP.   I am trying to understand the commit [PLINK-PLINK-692] - Audience restriction check is too strict. · sara...
    Sarab Duhra
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  • Needed an example of picketlink federation IDP using database

    Hi All,   First of all thanks for providing a quick start examples to understand the concept of how the picketlink works.   I am able to successfully run the examples of federation IDP/SP with the roles an...
    vinay abhyankar
    created by vinay abhyankar
  • Picketlink java version

    Hi All,   I am planning to use the picket as an IDP in one of our application running in wildfly 10.   But as per the docs of the PicketLink says that it is compatible with java 6 or java 7 but we are usin...
    vinay abhyankar
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  • Externalizing PicketLink configuration? How?

    Hello,   Our application is being installed on multiple servers by consultants and customers. The current way of configuring SAML with PicketLink consists of changing the picklink-idfed.xml which is within the W...
    Pipo Pipo
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  • Wildfly 10

    Hi, I have a idp.war, sp.war and myapp.war. In EAP6 a have a valve configure and in myapp.war I have un login-config to my valve but How I can configure in wildfly?   Thank
    Martin Langlois
    created by Martin Langlois
  • Turn off 'WWW-Authenticate' Response Header upon 401 Status' in Wildfly for angularjs application

    Hello,   as the title says I am looking for a way to turn off the WWW-Authenticate header responded by wildfly in case of a failed basic authentication.   The background: In my angular application I want...
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  • Oracle Authentication Management Assertion Role attribute parsing in the service provider

    Hi,   for the Login Module, is there any specific configuration required to handle comma separated values in a role specification? Using JBoss EAP 6.4 and Picketlink 2.7.1.Final I managed to integrate into the O...
    Ralf Hack
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  • How to set ProtocolBinding to redicet in IdP reply

    Hi!   We are using ADFS as the SAML idp for our applications. For some reasons we need ADFS to reply using a redirect binging, not a post binding.   We have set picketlink.xml like this:   <Picket...
    Diego Lopez
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  • How to create Arquillian deployment with PicketLink

    Crossposting here from SO, original post here: java ee - Trouble setting up Arquillian tests for Wildfly app with Picketlink - Stack Overflow I'm trying to write Arquillian tests for a web app to be deployed on Wild...
    Lev Kuznetsov
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  • PicketLink SAML: disabling SP-initiated SSO

    Hi all,   I'm trying to provide SAML authentication in an already existing app.   During a POC, I was able to implement the quickstart "picketlink-federation-saml-sp-with-metadata" sucessfully, using an ex...
    Nuno Antunes
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  • picketlink.xml and variable reference syntax ${}

    I'm using picketlink v 2.6.0 on wilfly 8.1.0.Final. I was wondering about how to interpret the ${} syntax inside the picketlink.xml DD. I would like to refer to an Environment Variable (not a system variable). It seem...
    Franck Garcia
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  • Issue with picketlink IDP in jboss eap 6.1.0 clustered environment

    Hi All,   I have a jboss server which is working in master slave configuration with a load balancer in mod_cluster configuration .Both sticky session and session replication are enabled. when I configure picketl...
    Pradhap Rajamani
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  • Picketlink + SAML: authorize multiple applications (WAR) acting as a single service provider

    Hello   We are currently developing an application for a customer. The project has the restriction that we shall deliver only deployable WAR/EAR files. The customer provides the infrastructure and doesn't allow ...
    David Kron
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  • PicketLink with SAML and POST - does a redirect instead of a POST in the end

    Hi,   I'm using picketlink and WildFly 9.0.2 for SAML with POST SSO. All goes as expected until the end where I'm getting a GET redirect instead of a POST.   Short version:   Quick call stack : SP ...
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  • picketlink-federation-saml-sp-post-with-signature cant configure security domain with cli

    Anybody know what this means in regards to picketlink-federation-saml-sp-post-with-signature, I followed the instructions as specified to utilize the security domain cli, but I get the following.   configure-sec...
    Robert Phillips
    created by Robert Phillips
  • Unable to logout after upgrading to JBoss-EAP-7.0

    Hello,   We migrated from jboss-eap-6.2 to jboss-eap-7.0. Also updated Picketlink version from PicketLink v2.7.0.CR2  to PicketLink v2.7.1. After migration, login is working properly. But global logout is ...
    Krishna Shiva
    created by Krishna Shiva
  • Installation does not work

    I have an enterprise application that I am working on, I am the new Security expert on the team, and I have been raving about the picketlink support to the team.  When I was working to implement this solution I f...
    Robert Phillips
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  • Tomcat IdP and SSL

    I have setup two simple picketlink based apps on Tomcat 7. I have an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP). It is used  by accessing the SP which communicates with the IdP which provides login again...
    mike Houghton
    created by mike Houghton
  • "SigningKey cannot be null" when using keystore file in the sample apps

    I installed and setup Picketlink for working with SAML. I was successfully able to use the sample applications with their default configurations. I want to use the sales-post-sig as the SP and my own IDP. For doing th...
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