• Salesforce to MySQL Data transformation; JBoss Fuse

    Hi,   I wanna insert data from a salesforce account into a mysql database.   So I have to map  i.e. the "Id" from the salesforce account to my output mysql database (field="SalesforceId").   How...
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  • Why all logs are deleted in hawtio after each restart of the server Fuse 6.3 ?

    Hi,   I noticed that after every restart of the server Fuse 6.3 , all logs and routes informations are deleted from Hawtio, there is a method or technique to keep logs and routes informations after restarts ? ...
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  • Jboss fuse fabric ssh to remote container fails : Command function not found

    --- command --- #!/bin/bash function run { echo "Running: $*" ; $* ; rc=$? ; if [ "${rc}" -ne 0 ]; then echo "Command Failed:Error running installation script: $*" ; exit ${rc} ; fi ; } function sudo_n { SUDO_NON_INT...
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  • Logging per bundle and selecting specific bundles in JBOSS FUSE

    I am aware about logging per bundle in FUSE. That is achieved as mentioned in this link and this. However I want to select specific bundles for logging (Not all). Do you know how to configure this.
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  • Log4j vs Log4j2 - JBoss Fuse

    Why Fuse is not still upgraded to Log4J2 and would like to know why they are still preferred?
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  • JBoss Fuse free and enterprise version

    Hi All I don't know if these questions have been asked already but: 1) What is the difference between GitHub - jboss-fuse/fuse: JBoss Fuse is an open source ESB with capabilities based on Apache Camel, Apache CXF, ...
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  • error will running the command

    I am trying to create the multi Archetype for my project  . while running the command   mvn archetype:create-from-project  i get the below error   Error executing command: Cannot coerce arch...
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  • bundle install in the jboss fuse server is not getting stop

    I am beginner to jboss fuse i have tried to deploy the bundle in the in the jboss fuse server but its status is creating     [ 349] [Active     ] [Creating    ] [ ...
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  • Cannot obtain service: io.fabric8.api.FabricComplete

    When I execute this command in fabric me there appears this that can be shell:source mvn:org.jboss.fuse/deployment/1.0/script/install Error executing command: Cannot obtain service: io.fabric8.api.FabricComplete
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  • Vaga Parar Trabalhar com JBOSS Fuse

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  • blueprint test suit

    Hi,   Thanks for taking time to reply me.   Presently I want to develop a test suit for my project. using camelBlueprint test. scenario: I have multiple bundles which have blueprint.xml files and they are...
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  • Configuring my activeMQ instance to use Oracle DB for Persistence

    Hi,   I currently have an activeMQ broker that I'm running in a Fuse/Fabric container and it's working fine.  I'd like to set up my broker to use an Oracle DB to persist to, but I'm having trouble working o...
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  • JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 and RHEL 7.2 IdM Ldap authentication documentation

    There is documentation for using Apache Directory Studio to configure ApacheDS and then enabling ldap authentication in the OSGi container located at:-   https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_JBo...
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  • Using our artifactory instead of the Fuse maven repo

    Hi,   I'm in Fuse 6.2.1.  I use Jenkins/Artifactory currently. I have a conceptual block in the intended workflow for deploying bundles into a fabric container.   So currently I have all my bundles ...
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  • How to add Fault Interceptors to SwitchYard application

    Hi everybody,   I'm currently using JBoss EAP 6.4.11 with FSW 6.3. I'm developing a SwitchYard application which, in case of a SOAP Fault, should augment the response message with some header properties.  ...
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  • Camel's Content Based Routing, how to do substring on body using simple language?

    Hi All,   I'm new to camel based application development. how can i do substring on body using sample language in camel routing? Let say I have message in activemq queue, named queue.data.raw. here is sample ...
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  • JBOSS Fuse data transformation tool message body with ArrayList (CustomObjects) to XML

    With JBOSS Fuse 6.2 data transformation tool I am trying to iterate a message body with ArrayList (CustomObjects) map to XML elements Inbuilt Dozer Data transformation is not allowing to map Source Arraylist to Targe...
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  • Error in war deployment into Fuse 6.1.0 which is a combination of cxf-ws&rs with camel routing

    Hi All,   I am making the war bundle which is a combination of cxf-ws & rs with camel routing.   I can deploy the bundle into Tomcat 7 without any error, But I got below exception when tried to deploy ...
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  • Active MQ integration with Jboss fuse 6.2.1 on Jboss EAP 6.4

    Hi All, Active MQ is included in Jboss fuse 6.2.1. Can you please tell me how to integrate with switchyard? Does the standalone configuration already includes activemq configuration?Or do we need to add the active ...
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  • FeaturesService service is unavailabe?

    Hi,   I am trying to install camel-http feature but when I try to add a feature as described in this JBoss Fuse tutorial (GitHub - FuseByExample/websocket-activemq-camel: Example showing How to use HTML5 WebSock...
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