• Files built by RichFaces resources plugin not found

    Hi,   I am currently trying to modify an application based on the kitchensink example to use custom styling, mainly a custom font-family. I read about the different possibilities and decided the best way would ...
    Michael Stieler
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  • suggestionbox in a modalpanel does not render properly

    I'm using FF3 and IE7, and RF 3.2.2.GA, and I've got a suggestion box in a modal panel. In FF3, when the component "suggests" stuff, the suggestions appear in two places: (1) where they belong, although it is only te...
    Richard Hoffman
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  • Other version of CKEditor

    Hello I'm using Richfaces 4.3.3. I am looking for an editor that tracks changes of different users. I read that the rich:editor is based on CKEditor and there exists a plugin (LoopIndex Track Changes) for CKEditor th...
    barbara b
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  • extra plugin in rich:editor

    Hello Is there anyone who has an example on how to load an extra plugin in rich:editor?   I tried something like this, but it doesn't work:   <rich:editor value="#{advieswaarde.waarde}" toolbar="custom...
    barbara b
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  • jsf 2.2 and rf 4.5.1 upgrade breaks my rich:tree

    I recently upgraded from JSF 2.1.28 + RF 4.3.7 to JSF 2.2.9 + RF 4.5.1 and below code which was working fine started failing. <rich:tree var="item" id="attributesTree" toggleNodeEvent="click" toggleType="client"&...
    santhosh siravuri
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  • <rich:collapsibleSubTable> with a4j:repeat

    Hi, it is possible to use a4j repeat or ui repeat with the rich:collapsibleSubTable component, I tried to nest it but it did not work
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  • Richfaces 4.5.1.Final not working with Jetty

    Hi,   I am upgrading from Richfaces 3.3.2 to 4.5.1.Final. I had several issues but finally able to get my project to compile but when I run my application I do not see any of the Richfaces components to show or ...
    Venu Rao
    created by Venu Rao
  • rich:pickList get selected item value

    I'm trying to obtain selected item value of right list but i can't do it.I don't have any idea how can do it. I will need this value to load the data (when press Load button) into a rich:modalPanel.   Anyone hav...
    Agustin Sivoplás Ferrari
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  • rich:listshuttle - targetValue is null in bean class

    I am new to JSF.   In my screen am using ListShuttle, when I move value form source to target Its happening only in screen, in bean am getting targetValue as null. I am using List of String as SourceValue. Some ...
    Bala Chithirai
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  • RF 4.5 and JSF?

    I am trying to set up an environment with RF 4.3.7 and Hibernate 3 under Eclipse. This is an upgrade from older versions of both.  When I start up Hibernate and attempt to get into the admin console, I get the fo...
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  • What's the most recent Richfaces version supported by the last release of JBoss Seam (2.3.1.Final)?

    I found at the Seam framework last version release notes an issue mentioning an upgrade of the Richfaces suported to version 4.3.3.Final. I also found on Brian Leathem's blog this post stating that the 4.5.x RichFaces...
    Jorge Carvalho
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  • How to focus on a node outside of screen?

    Hello,   I am facing an issue I really don't know to solve. I have a tree fully expanded which max-height is a bit less than screen size. So to access nodes that are down in the tree I need to scroll down. Prob...
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  • rich:autocomplete and h:inputText column layout are different

    Hi, I found the rich:autocomplete and h:inputText column width and height are different. Refer to the picture below, Name and Access Path are using h:inputText and Category is using rich:autocomplete, and you can not...
    created by LIM BIING YAN
  • Table with detail stamp

    Hi Folks,   i am used to work with ADF Faces and right there we have a datatable with detailstamp, something like we have in IceFaces and as in the attached image.   I would like to know if we have somethi...
    Ricardo Morais
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  • transfer error occured-richfaces fileupload

    hi, i'm trying to upload a file using richfaces., flash is set="true' and everything is working fine in ie8 and chrome but in mozilla when i'm trying to upload a file it's giving me transfer error occurred and it's n...
    kc chai
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  • RichFaces and JSF 2.3

    Hi, all   JavaEE 8 is coming soon introducing JSF 2.3   Are there any plans to support JSF 2.3 in future releases of RichFaces?   Thank you.
    Sergey Morenets
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  • RichFaces 4.5.x and IE8

    Hi everybody,   We have the requirement that we should support IE8 (and newer). I saw on https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/PrioritizedRichFacesBrowsersCompatibilityMatrix that IE8 isn't mentioned since version 4....
    Jethro Borsje
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  • rich:columnGroup within rich:dataTable returns NULL exception

    Hi, I am in the process of upgrading to RichFaces 4.2.2.Final and MyFaces 2.0.0. I am having issue after issue and thanks for all the help I have been getting so far. Now I am stuck with an error where I have a dataT...
    Venu Rao
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  • JSF2.2 Mojarra problem of wildfly 8

      I have to do save and reset my two component . After click save button it reload   two component .   is it possible screen reset without reload those two components ?   Q1. why combox reload&...
    Gulam Samdani
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  • change color of pie and bar chart ??

    Hi,   I am currently using the latest version of richfaces ( 4.5.1.Final ) to display graphs, I do not know how to customize charts with javascript, i need to change the color of pie and bar chart type using flo...
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