• Richfaces 3.3.x to 4.x CSS class names migration

    Hello, friends.   I'd like to know if there are any known resources which can facilitate the parsing of old css class namess to the new richfaces naming convention. I already used Xcss2EcssConverter but the clas...
    Jorge Carvalho
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  • context menu on tree

    I have a problem with rich: tree. When using toggle Type = "ajax" in the new node is not added to the context menu. My code is as follows. <rich:tree id="tree" var="node" value="#{controller.nodes}" toggleType=...
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  • Is it possible to cache a complete rich:toolbar for next access?

    Hi,   I have an webapp with a menu.xhtml that uses a rich:toolbar + many rich:menuItems to access many other JSF pages.   First the user types login/password in a login.xhtml and then he goes to menu.xhtml...
    Edilmar Alves
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  • vertical scroll bar in rich:extendedDataTable

    Hi,,   I have a problem in rich:extendedDataTable with the vertical scroll bar. The last row of the table is not visible properly. Only half of the column is visible. I tried using   .extdt-innerdiv { &n...
    Sandhya Radhakrishnan
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  • RF4 rich:tree selecting and expanding nodes programatically

    Hello,   In RF3 there were tree state advisors that elt me select and expand nodes programatically. In RF4 I found only treeNode.expanded attribute - but I found no way to SELECT a node programatically. Could ...
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  • New bug in RF 4.5.3 collapsiblePanel

    Hi,   In versions before 4.5.3 I have many JSF codes using rich:collapsiblePanel with a4j:commandButton calling "action" without problems. Below is the sample that doesn't work if button is into collapsiblePane...
    Edilmar Alves
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  • Incorrect data update of rich:panelMenu

    Hi, I found the current item update in rich:panelMenu is late and incorrect. Below is my code.   sideNavi.xhtml <rich:panelMenu itemMode="ajax" groupMode="ajax" groupExpandedLeftIcon="triangleUp"  &...
    LIM BY
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  • Richfaces 4 - expand some tree node

    Hello, I want to render tree with some opened node. For node selection i can use 'selection' attribute that binded with collection of SequenceRowKey.   Example:   <rich:tree ... selection="#{treeBean.s...
    Andrei A
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  • Richfaces migration from 3.x to 4.5.3-problems

    currently we are trying to migrate our richfaces application from version 3.3 to 4.5.3 which is running on Jboss6.2. As part of migration we did below steps.   1. we have replaced all old richfaces jars with new...
    Srinivas Konidena
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  • How to implement session expired handling in richfaces 4.5

    Hi,   May I know how to implement session expired handling in richfaces 4. Whenever the session timeout happen, it will relocate to a logout page. I notice my URL is fix (the URL always shows http://xxxxx/richf...
    LIM BY
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  • Rich:fileUpload issue

    Hi,   I am using Richfaces 4.3, JSF 2.0, Maven and Jboss7. I am trying to use <rich:fileUpload> component to upload files.   My code is below:   test.jsf       &...
    salma belhaouane
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  • RichFaces 4.5 - Weblogic 11g - ReferenceError

    Hi, I'm working on an application using Struts and JSF 2 with RichFaces 4.5.4.   Everything works fine when the application runs on a Tomcat (7) server. But when I run it on a WebLogic (11gR1-10.3.6) server the...
    Fernando Panci
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  • Customized Renderer is not invoked in Websphere

    Hello,   We are customizing the richfaces inputNumberSpinner and Calendar components look and feel behaviour. As below. Overridden the InputNumberSpinnerRenderer and CalendarRenderer set the javax.faces.appli...
    Santosh P
    created by Santosh P
  • Spacer gif URL wrong after upgrade to JBoss 8 (RF 3.3.3)

    I'm doing an upgrade from JBoss 6 to JBoss 8 (WildFly). The version of RichFaces 3.3.3 has stayed the same. Several places in the code call the RichText spacer, like this:       <rich:spacer he...
    Matthew Alexander
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  • rich:suggestion box randomly [ or some times] sets null value onselect event

    Folks, Facing a weird issue with rich:suggestion box. When suggested value is selected it should set that object to specified setter but sometimes it passes null to target's setter method. Library: Richfaces - 3.3.3.x...
    Bhavesh Shah
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  • rich:calendar timeZone attribute is not working properly

    I mentioned tomezone as "timeZone="#{calendarBean.timeZone}" in my rich:calendar tag and I have time zone pull down menu when I change the value over there , I am calling value change ajax call to change the time zone...
    pradeep panda
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  • Richfaces migration to 4.5.3 - problems

    Hi,   I am migrating my richfaces application from version 3.3 to 4.5.3. In order to support new richfaces version, am also migrating JSF version from 1.2 to 2.1 and seam version from 2.2 to 2.3. Now my applicat...
    Srinivas Konidena
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  • How to avoid nonexistant id calls?

    Hi everyone   RF is good and RF is nice but there always was a problem: what happens when these "incompetent and impatient" users start clicking everything they see on the screen ten times over if the result doe...
    Akaine Harga
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  • How to display a Binary Tree ?

    Hi All, I have a JSON coming from External System, this JSON values are then converted to a Binary Tree and the same needs to be displayed on the GUI. The JSON is as shown below: {   "name":   "Selec...
    Sandeep Singh
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  • autocompleteMethod example

    Hellow everybody. I'm trying to set up rich:select similar to the third one in the showcase. it's my first time. the problem is that i didn't find a full example that explain the autocompleteMethod (how to encode t...
    Mohamed Benameur
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