• Keycloak: Create realm failing with deadlock

    I am using keycloak 2.1, I am trying to create a realm using Keycloak admin rest api , getting the following error. Please help me on this.   2017-08-15 13:00:41,234 WARN [org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.local.LocalM...
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  • Riftsaw on Jboss AS7??

    Does Riftsaw support JBoss AS7? I have been trying to install it but with no luck. I followed the installation page (http://docs.jboss.org/riftsaw/releases/2.3.0.Final/gettingstartedguide/html/installation.html) st...
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  • bpel-console logging on error -class com.google.gwt.http.client.RequestException

    Hi Team   I have just installed riftsaw-2.3.0.Final with the combination- jboss-5.1.0.GA, jbossesb-4.11, and JDK is jdk1.6.0_45. The deploy script is ant deploy -Ddatabase=oracle -Dws.stack=cxf -Dws.version=3.4...
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  • How do we Insert Values into Database using BPEL Designer?

    Hello,   My goal is to orchestrate using Eclipse BPEL Designer. I want to read a file and write data to the database using BPEL. Since, I come from an Oracle SOA background, in Oracle we use DB Adapter and Fil...
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  • Unable to re-deploy a riftsaw bpel process

    Hi, I'm unable to re-deploy a bpel process that previously was working and deployable fine.   Following the logs that show the deploy of the process after the server startup.   08:42:33,162 INFO  [Ser...
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  • BAM capabilities in RiftSaw

    Hi All,   Does the latest release of  Riftsaw BPEL component of JBoss support BAM integration, and if it does can some one throw some light on how to acheive that.   Thanks, Wajid
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  • Riftsaw Adapters

    Wasn't sure of right place to ask this question. But I've used other BPEL tools that provided out of the box adapters (i.e. database, file, email, etc...) and the ability to create your own. Does riftsaw have this sor...
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  • Create and Deploy a Riftsaw ExtensionActivity ?

    Hi,   I searched and I didn't the documention I need for the task I'm assigned to : make an ExtensionActivity.   I manage to find how to use an extension activity in my bpel file ... but how do I add the E...
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  • Deadlock occurs when 10 instance is created at the same time?

    Hi Everyone,   I have 3 processes deployed in my JBossAS5 now, and I'm using Riftsaw 2.3.0, running on sqlserver 2008. A deadlock seems to happen whenever 10 or more process instance is created at the same time...
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  • RiftSaw  available only for JBoss AS?

    I was reading the documentation of RiftSaw 2.3.0 and it sais that RiftSaw is a JBoss AS integration for the Apache ODE BPEL engine. Is it possible to be used on other application servers?   Thanks
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  • Deploying the same process twice (not versioning)

    Hi,   is there a way how to deploy the same process twice just having different soap addresses specified? I do not mean any process versioning just to implement once and to deploy twice. E.g. one setup for t...
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  • Riftsaw clean instance data history

    Hi to all   I use Riftsaw 2.3.0 in a production enviroment.   This is the configuration: - jboss 5.1 - Riftsaw 2.3.0 - jbossWS 3.4.0 - MySql 5 as riftsaw database backend.   I looked into riftsaw...
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  • Problems when deploying RiftSaw to JBoss 5.1.0 GA

    Hi all   My configuration is:   JBoss AS 5.1.0 GA WebServices CXF 3.4.0.GA JBoss ESB 4.11   When trying to deploy RiftSaw 2.3.0 Final to this configuration via   ant deploy -Ddatabase=hsql -D...
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  • RiftSaw 3 - How to enable recovery?

    Hi, I have tried to enable recovery of business processes after AS crash (simulated kill with signal 9) in JBoss AS 7.1 but I cannot still make it work.   I started with configuration BPEL module to use non-memo...
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  • Trouble in Dynamic Endpoint Reference

    Hi, I have some problem using the Dynamic Endpoint Reference assign. I'm trying to change the partnerLink endpoint using the following bpel assign form:   <bpel:assign name="assignChangeServiceEndpoint"> &...
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  • Migrating IBM BPELs written in Websphere Integration Developer to Riftsaw

    We're currently running IBM Websphere Process Server with BPELs written in Websphere Integration Developer. Has anyone attempted to migrate IBM BPELs to Riftsaw? How complicated was the migration?
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    created by rol7805
  • call partner link dynamically

    How to call partner link dynamically in BPEL? Anyone can help on this?
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  • Reflections-Error deploying riftsaw

    Hi, I'm trying to deploy riftsaw (2.3.CR1) within JBOSS ESB (4.9) and JBOSS AS (5.1.0.GA). When jboss is running I've got an Error, type "[Reflections] could not create Vfs.Dir from url".   exactly : org.ref...
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  • Performance Tuning

    Other than database connection pool min/max size are there any other tuning options for Riftsaw? Some ideas of options I am looking for are; number of riftsaw worker threads, max number of processes, max number of thr...
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  • Shutting down JBoss while an invoke is executing

    Hi,   If I try to shutdown JBoss while a BPEL process instance is executing an INVOKE activity, the server does not shutdown completely untill the response is recieved from the external web service (or the reque...
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