• Replacement for Switchyard..

    Dear Folks,   Guess its a very old story now, but can someone point to me documents on why Switchyard is being de-supported please? Also what is the path to replace it?   Best Regards   Ravi
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    created by doyyan
  • migration guides

    are there any guides for migrating from sy to fuse based applications?  i have some larger sy apps that have mostly rest bindings which in turn use internal sy beans to manage the workflow.  some camel routi...
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    created by mlybarger
  • Server starts up, but doesn't respond, when started through jBoss Dev Studio.

    On some systems, when I start the server via JBoss Dev studio, it says it's started, but when I try to access the admin console, or any of it's service, I don't get any response.     When I click on the ser...
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    last modified by puttime
  • SwitchYard CamelRoute + bean (the bean method is not invoked)

    Hi, I'm new with Switchyard (got some project which uses switchyard) and have a problem with Camel + method from other bean...     So..  this is my project look like:   From "x" service the "...
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    created by vape8001
  • older release downloads

    obviously this project is fairly defunct, but i've got some apps that are using sy.   i'm looking for the older releases, but the download page on switchyard.jboss.org/downloads doesn't work for anything except...
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    last modified by mlybarger
  • Switchyard camel websocket integration

    Hi all, Is there an example or quickstart package in order to implements a camel websocket into jboss switchyard.   Thanks a lot in advance
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    last modified by francogar82
  • JBoss Switchyard REST header interceptor..

    Hi,   My client server is calling a JBOSS Switchyard Bean which has a REST binding endpoint. The REST call has several parameters set in its HTTP header. I've tried a few things by Injecting Exchange/Message/C...
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    created by doyyan
  • How to invoke a service using both basic auth credentials and SSL (https exposed)? Switchyard Jboss FSW 6.0.0

    Hi all,   I've a problem invoking a service exposed using both SSL and basic authentication credentials (service SOAP/XML via WSDL). The same service has another instance callable via HTTP, requiring only basic...
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    last modified by cixsir82
  • switchyard version 2.1.0.Final error on SwitchYard: Wildfly Distribution

    Hi guys,   I have downloaded latest switchyard version 2.1.0.Final source code and trying to build it using mvn -Pwildfly clean install but getting the bellow error when it's building the last module: SwitchYard...
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    created by angelo.rlcosta
  • Building switchyard goodies error in tests

    Hello all,   I have just cloned git repos GitHub - jboss-switchyard/switchyard: Aggregated SwitchYard repository  and trying to build these goodies.   But am getting an error in test org.switchyard.te...
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    created by angelo.rlcosta
  • Soap Context Mapper copies transfer-encoding header to output

    Hi all.   I'm dealing with a possible bug in Soap Context mapper when the client is using HTTP Chunking. Please see the attached sample project.   Steps to reproduce: -Deploy the provided sample in Jboss...
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    last modified by hmaa
  • Status of WS-Security features in SwitchYard SOAP

    Where do things stand with respect to enabling WS-Security (i.e., digital signatures) for SOAP messages? We currently have an integration with a third-party system running under SOA-P 5 (JBossESB) that requires WS-Sec...
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    last modified by mike.daleiden
  • Maven artifact org.switchyard:switchyard-parent:1.1.1-p5-redhat-1:pom invalid

    Greetings,   The maven artifact org.switchyard:switchyard-parent:1.1.1-p5-redhat-1:pom is invalid as it is using references to ${project.version} and, hence, unusable in an inheritance schema. My scenario is as...
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    last modified by simplex-software
  • BPEL Console Issues - Not Able to Run

    Hi guys.   I want to run a PoC using BPEL+Drools/BRMS, but I'm not able to run BPEL Console.   I already figured out that there's a dependency issue on the BPEL Console war file. I've already forked the Sw...
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    last modified by bertol
  • Class not found exception while deploying switchyard quickstart application

    Hi, iam new to jboss fuse service works and switchyard. iam trying to deploy a sample switch yard application and getting below error.   08:56:32,482 INFO  [org.jboss.modules] (main) JBoss Modules version...
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    last modified by ravi21588
  • Can i have One Java Interface for multiple switchyard services (bean)?

    Hi,   I have one java interface with process method which i want to use for two different Service beans in Switchyard. is there a way to do it?   <sca:service name="Service1" promote="Service1/ServiceInt...
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    created by chintan_jboss
  • Wildfly startup gets blockek on org.apache.camel.impl.converter.DefaultTypeConverter

    Hi guys,   I am working on a switchyard project and trying to deploy it on wildfly but seems camel is stuck here: [Server:server-one] 15:54:22,161 INFO  [org.apache.camel.impl.converter.DefaultTypeConverte...
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    last modified by angelo.rlcosta
  • Transaction is not getting committed, even exception is handled in <do-catch>

    Hello,   We have switchyard components, which are Consumer(Receives message from Queue), Router(Transformation & Routing logic) & Provider (Will Endpoint provider). This is developed using Jboss EAP 6.1....
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    created by sabarinathm
  • XSLT not able to resolve file path while using direct-vm in JBoss FSW Switchyard

    We have developed integration components(Consumer, Router & Provider) using JBoss EAP 6.1. The flow of our integration is, a request will come to the consumer, the router will do transformation or routing logic, a...
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    last modified by sabarinathm
  • HTTP Basic Authentication for Soap Binding Service

    I am developing Soap based services. Can anyone please let me know how to authenticate the client who is consuming the web services?   I have exposed a Service called "WorkService" and a soap binding on it. Now ...
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    last modified by amit4497