When we started working on the Hybrid Mobile (Cordova) tools about a year ago, we predicted that there is a need for a good, open source IDE for developing Cordova based mobile applications. After our initial releases, we started to see the interest to use, build on and contribute to the project. With this interest, the next logical step for us was to take Hybrid Mobile tools to Eclipse Foundation to form an even greater community.

Last week, We have put the Thym (The HYbrid Mobile) project proposal online. Please take a moment to look at the proposal. At this stage, we are collecting the interested parties for the project. If this is a topic of interest for you or your organization or you simply have questions, please let me or the community at large know. Being an interested party on an Eclipse proposal means this is a project that is interesting for you and nothing more.

Once the Thym project is established our activities around mobile will NOT cease to exist on JBoss.org. Our plan is to utilize the Thym project and continue building tools that will make mobile development easier by utilizing projects and technologies such as Aerogear, Openshift etc.

Exciting times are ahead for mobile developers.


If you are planning to attend EclipseCon, I will be having a session around Hybrid Mobile Tools. Also, do not miss the other Red Hat sessions.