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One question (and complaint) that has been raised after the release of multiple cargo version support is "How to use custom Cordova engines together with JBoss Hybrid Mobile tools?" Well, we heard you and we are already on it. In the next release, JBoss Tools 4.2.0 Beta 1, we are adding the ability to search Cordova engines from local directories and use them. Here is a video showing how this works, which is still subject to changes of course.



There are some caveats with this feature though. Unfortunately, we are not able to use "any" Cordova based distribution. In this release, tools are only able to recognize Cordova compatible directory structures. For instance, we rely on files such as VERSION, that is found on Cordova distributions, to recognize Cordova versions. However, If you have a Cordova based distribution that has a significantly different layout, it will be possible to introduce them through an Eclipse extension point. If you're interested in such an extension point, I would be happy to hear about your requirements.

If you wish to try it out, this feature is already part of nightly builds and you can get the information on nightly update site from jbostools-aerogear project site. I recommend updating the 4.2.0 Alpha2 with the nightly update site for best experience.

Its time to start the milestones counting up to the next Eclipse release train this summer. Here is the first tested to work Alpha release targeting Eclipse Luna (Eclipse 4.3) M5.



JBoss Tools 4.2.0 Alpha2

Fly me to the moon!

Tools: [Download] [Update Site] | [What's New] [Forums] [JIRA] [Twitter]


JBoss Tools is a set of plugins for Eclipse that complements, enhances and goes beyond the support that exists for JBoss and related technologies in the default Eclipse distribution.




This release is targeting Eclipse 4.4 M5 (Luna). Best approach is to download and install Eclipse JEE M5 Bundle and use this updatesite: to install JBoss Tools from.




This release targets Eclipse Luna M5 giving you the latest fixes/improvements from plus a bunch of new features/improvements we have been working on.


Multiple Cordova Version Support

The Aerogear Hybrid mobile tooling previously supported a singular version of Cordova limiting users

ability to upgrade easily to new versions or stay at the version of Cordova they were targeting.


In this version we are introducing multiple cordova runtime support allowing you to use any Cordova 3.x version.



Arquillian Improvements


The arquillian tooling received a good round of bug fixes including more control over the enablement of Arquillian on your project.


There are also improvements to various wizards, validation and overall speed of Arquillian tooling.


Server Tools rewrite

This alpha2 introduces a lot of internal changes to the server tools implementation.


These changes are done to allow us to add support for EAP/WildFly domain mode,

support managed deployments and allow for 100% remote servers (i.e. not require a local runtime).

Besides enabling these specific features in upcoming milestones we should also be able

to add more extensions and better workflows more easily than what we could in past.


For now, all existing functionality should still be working but do let us know if you spot something out of whack

and keep eyes on our nightly builds to see the benefits of this rewrite/refactoring.


JavaFX brings debugger to BrowserSim


BrowserSim can now optionally utilize JavaFX available in Oracle JVM's which allow

you to do "chrome dev-tools" style debugging and inspection of your applications.



Please be aware that this requires an Oracle JVM and currently only works reliably on Windows and OS X.

Linux support is currently problematic because of JavaFX not working on GTK3 based systems (see OpenJDK bug - requires login)


JavaScript Console Logging in BrowserSim

To debug syntax errors and early runtime javascript errors we now send javascript messages to the eclipse console view

when running browsersim.



JQuery 1.4 support

Both JQuery 1.3 and 1.4 is now supported in the palette.



Improved data-* content assist


The existing data-* content assist now also support JQuery 1.4


And we now also load remote .css files to provide class style content assist.




Angular.js attribute content assist


To aid in developing of Angular JS applications we've added content assist for ng-* attributes.



Remove ng-* validation errors

A very common complaint of Angular JS users are that Eclipse (and other IDE's) mark 'ng-*' attributes like 'ng-data' as validation errors.


The warning is actually correct since ng-* is not valid according to html5 spec (one should be using data-*), but of course that is a mute

point when most projects uses what is recommended by AngularJS project.


Thus you can now go and use a Quick-Fix on the warnings and either ignore specific attributes or ignore all ng-* (or any other invalid attribute) warnings

for your project.


Note: This feature is actually part of Eclipse Luna WTP, but worth mentioning since we contributed it as part of our Alpha1/Alpha2 development.


LiveReload reload delay


LiveReload now has an option to delay the refresh of the browser.


This reload delay is especially useful when you have JRebel running against your JBoss Server which because

of it not doing instant reload sometimes takes a few seconds to discover the changes to your html pages.


With this reload delay you can avoid having to manually click Refresh.


OpenShift Security Certificates

Until now OpenShift tooling was actually ignoring if your server had an invalid or untrusted SSL certificate.

Now OpenShift tooling will show the certificate in case it is not possible to validate it (that is the case for

self-signed certificates as provided by out-of-box configured OpenShift Enterprise installation)




Wait - where is Alpha1 ?


You might have noticed this is Alpha2 and not Alpha1. We actually built and released Alpha1 in late December but because of a lot of SWT vs GTK3 vs XULRunner vs WebKit incompatibilities (aka. hard crashes) with Luna M4.

We did not announce it widely. With fixes in Luna M5 and in our Alpha2 things are looking better - but there are still known issues with latest GTK3.9 and higher versions which if you are an SWT or GTK expert we would love

to hear from you to help fix


Giving Feedback


Please don't hesitate to use our forum to ask questions, or, if you have ideas to better improve JBoss Tools / Developer Studio, or found a bug, then open an issue in our issue tracker.


Have fun,


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