We will begin this release with two live demos in one. First of all I want everyone to see our new web-based mail client. However, I also want to introduce you to some terminology: Mail Based Applications and Collaboration Based Application Services and give you an example. First, linked below is the mail client. It requires the Flash 8.59 beta which you can download from here. It presently is available for OS X and Windows. There are statements from various people at Adobe about a release for Linux coming out shortly after the June release of Flash 9. I really hope that is pursued more agressively as testing has admittedly been difficult since I can't test on my Fedora (AMD x64) laptop and even Flash 7 (the last Linux release) doesn't run.


Click here to run the demo


Here is a couple of screenshots so that you know it is worth your time:



Use any of these accounts:



In our scenario. Assume guest and guest2 might be remote (but for the purposes of the demo I have disabled all remote mail capabilities). Guest is an employee of some agency of the government and has the mail address guest@efficient.gov. Guest2 is an employee of a potential partner of BigCo our fictitious company. Sales is our main alias for sending sales inquiries, its even listed on the BigCo webpage. Partner, is the account manager who runs partner accounts. He's based in Texas. Gov, is the account manager who runs the government accounts.



We have two custom JBMS Mail Listeners. One inspects mails to sales@bigco.com. If the domain ends in ".gov" then the recipient is changed to "gov@bigco.com". However, we also add the mail to the Government Account Manager's Calendar for a follow up looking for the next available gap starting tomorrow.


The second mail listener checks to see if an incoming mail to sales@bigco.com contains the world "partner" in the subject or body. If so then it reroutes the mail to the "partner" user and adds it to the "partner" user's calendar with the same algorithm as the gov user.


TRY IT OUT!...but if you're hoping to be a troll know that we delete the DB every few hours with a cron job and remote delivery is disabled :-)

  • log into the application as "guest" with the password "guest"
  • click "New Email"
  • make the To: <sales@bigco.com>
  • select "guest@efficient.gov" in the From
  • make the subject "Hello I'd like service"
  • type in a body "bal bal bla"
  • Click send
  • Click logout
  • log in as "gov" password "gov"
  • click on the calendar for tomorrow... You should see a "follow up with..." event on the calendar... If there are a lot of events it may be the following day.
  • you can do the same thing by logging in as guest2 and including the word "partner" anywhere. then login as "partner" pw: partner


You can find the source for these examples in the jboss-mail CVS module under src/examples. Note that the above webmail is still in development and is developed using Adobe's Flex product (which outputs to swf aka Flash format). We are looking for more volunteers to help out Adobe Flex Genius James Ward. If you are interested in learning flex download the free (as in beer) Flex 2.0 beta 3 SDK post to the JBMS forum. Next, join us in the #jbms room on irc.freenode.org. The MBA/CBAS api is also under development so do not consider these stable APIs just yet. JBCS 1.0 debuts at JBoss World! I really hope to see you there!


Tomorrow you'll be able to download JBCS 1.0M5-pre1 here and try it out. This is intended for the JBCS devotees and enthusiasts who help us test. Documentation will begin appearing over the week and with any luck JBCS 1.0M5-final will be out by the end of the week. Commercial service and support will not be available until after the 1.0 release. Until then you can email inquiries to (acoliver@jboss.org) and join us in the JBCS forum.