Greetings from Germany. Why Germany you ask? Why not Germany? Especially this time of year. Next, I go to Santa Clara and run off at the mouth at AJAXWorld. In the mean time I've been running off at the mouth electronically about performance over at Red Hat's 108 site which is an abbreviated, not live and less specific version of what you can get from the next JBoss ON the Road. I hear it is a good show. Though I hear they do not have monkeys or meerkats. However these wild animals from the SE team will fill your brain with ways to make your system get up and walk by itself. Boy the coffee in Europe is really good. Almost as good as the Hawaiian Kona I bought at Bean Traders whom I'm considering taking them up on "a deal" and getting their logo tattooed (free coffee for life baby) somewhere if I can only convince my wife to let me. Albiet from this post you may be of the opinion that I don't need any more coffee or potentially that I've been taking writing lessons from Marc... :-O Tschüs (but don't say that to someone who speaks Hindi or Urdu because it sounds like something else).