I'd like to announce the 1.0M5-pre1 (webstart install, download) pre-release of JBCS. This release realizes the integration of Calendaring and the addendum of our Mail Client. We also have alpha-stage IMAP support for Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 (or so I will confirm as I've been using it for awhile now). However, Jason Pugsley was kind enough to work on OS X's Mail.app and Outlook just before I cut this release and submit some patches! I couldn't help but put those in. We could use some help testing there of course!

  • alpha quality IMAP support for at least Thunderbird 1.5
  • Calendar Server integrated
  • Web 1.0-style calendar application (deprecated by JBCS 1.0)
  • alpha-quality user APIs for MBAs and CBAS type applications
  • JBoss Collaboration Client (presently "webmail" only) in beta quality
  • Administration backend support (needs a front end)
  • overhaul of naming/security deployment


If all goes well then we will release a final by next Monday at the latest. I do not anticipate any deltas between the "final" and this version other than some text. Documentation will be appearing here as the week goes on (a difference between a PRE and a Milestone). The instructions for M4 should also apply. However if you would like to try out IMAP, you will need to uncomment it from the $JBMS_HOME/server/default/deploy/mail.ear/mail.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml config file (it is near the bottom). The installer does not offer it because we consider the IMAP to be alpha-quality only (though I'm using it).


Additionally, don't forget to try out our hot new rich mail client which is included in this release! I appreciate the emails of congratulation that I've been getting off of our live demo of the client and simple Collaboration Based Application Service (CBAS) demo. Please keep them coming. It is great to see people "getting it" after all of those late nights! I've shared some of them verbally with the core developers of JBCS. Please feel free to join us in the now mis-named forum. And remember the 1.0 final release will premere at JBossWorld. I hope to see you there.