We often meet this situation "Boss always need balance between technical initiatives (especially performance tuning) and business feature". The account manager or sales will always say more features more revenue. How do we say competitive comments ?

Here I want to post one interesting point, performance tuning can reduce the cost of everyday and greenfield. As all of us know the normal state of computer quite like bear hibernate, so the cost for that state is very low and the voltage usage of power is low either. But if something want to running in the computer the voltage usage will go-up. So the goal of performance tuning want to keep the go-up state lifetime shortest. So please do the following steps:

1. First, get the average voltage usage of normal state of your server.

2. Second, without tunning get the average voltage usage of load running state of your sever.

3. Third, with turning get the average voltage usage of load running state of your sever.

4. Fourth, conclude with each milliseconds performance gainning = # number of voltage reduce / hour

5. Fifth, calculate the money reduced for the voltage saving.

Then later you would say like this "If we could reduce the performance by XXX milliseconds then we can approximately reduce XXX voltage / hour". And each voltage will cost # dollar, so we approximately reduce # dollar totoally 1day. And also by reduce # of cs call, we also reduce # dollar totally 1 day.

At that stage, I think your comments and point will be easily accepted by your boss and sales. Because all of us the purpose is reduce cost and enlarge revenue (Money).