In the spirit of open source and transparency in the JBoss Portal project, we have been soliciting input from our community with regards to the next version of JBoss Portal and its planned enhancements to usability and user interface design.


The Portal Team has just posted a brief on what is being proposed as usability and user-interface enhancements for JBoss Portal 2.6. You can look through all the proposed changes, here. Much of the discussion surrounding these additions were open to the community in this thread, and I would ask that any further conversations over the proposed enhancements take place in the same thread.


Here are some highlights of the wiki article, at this stage:


Our new default theme:


Page-level personalization for users:


Intuitive Portlet Controls:


Dynamic user page-layout creation/modification:


We hope to see our community provide further feedback, regarding the ideas proposed in our wiki. After all, most of the designs above came directly from you, our community, and we thank you for continuing to help JBoss Portal evolve.


Roy Russo