The JBoss Portal team is proud to announce the public availability of JBoss PortletSwap v.2. The community has taken a commanding role with regards to contributing portlets and sharing ideas during the first year of JBoss PortletSwap, and this release introduces some extra features:

  • Revamped UI for the portlet catalog: A new more intuitive UI, with screenshots and links to information regarding the portlet project and downloadable sources/binaries.
  • Tutorial Portlet Section: Portlet that are referenced in our JBoss Portal documentation are now available in complete source or bundled download.
  • PortletSwap Documentation: Manuals covering all aspects of the site, how to contribute, and how to get your project hosted.
  • Portlet project Hosting Services: We now offer free Portlet project hosting services for open-source portlet projects - providing a SVN repository, wiki, and forums.


The most exciting feature we have added is the support for hosting your own portlet project on our infrastructure. Since PortletSwap has become the defacto portlet catalog on the web for JSR168-compliant portlets, you can be assured you project will benefit from the community involvement we see taking place in PortletSwap and JBoss Portal, as is evident with other portlet projects, such as Kosmos and JBoss Wiki, that are hosted here.


Roy Russo