The JBoss Portal team is proud to announce the general availability of JBoss Portal 2.4. This release marks important additions, such as full clustered CMS capabilities and WSRP (Web Service for Remote Portlet) support. For a full human-unreabable list of changes/enhancements in this release, please see our JIRA notes. As always, you can fetch the new release (now with a new clustered version as well) from our download page. For some of the highlights in this release, read below...

  • Documentation - Our new documentation guides add the following enhancements, aside from all of the guides being re-created:
  • WSRP - Some of the new additions to our new WSRP implementation are as follows:
    • Ability to easily consume portlets from remote producers
    • Seamless integration of WSRP portlets in portal
    • Support for simple registration schemes
    • Simple caching of markup and metadata
    • Support for WSRP Base level (support for service description and markup interfaces)
    • Local portlets can easily be exposed remotely to WSRP consumers
    • Includes a local WSRP producer to easily test WSRP in Portal ('self' portlet provider)
  • Migration - A migration application is available as a deployable war that provides an automated walk-through for those of you upgrading from 2.2.x to 2.4.x. This migration application will be a permanent fixture, accompanying every release.
  • Scalability - Render-view caching for improved performance, clustered portal state, and clustered CMS.
  • TestSuite - In contrast to our "we let the community test our software" competitors, we have added a Testuite that tests most aspects of the portal codebase and is run nightly in our QA Lab.


The roadmap for 2.6, is presently being fine-tuned. At this time, we will mention a few items that are already being worked on, such as full WSRP 1.0 compliance, CMS enhancements, and a revamping of our usability and UI (wiki| forums).


Roy Russo