The JBoss Portal team is proud to announce the release of our 2.6 Alpha (download). This release marks the second release under the 2.6 branch, and contains the following additions:

  • jBPM integration: Our bundled CMS now includes workflows for supervisor approval - allowing supervisors to approve content changes via the portlet or via email.
  • Fine-grained CMS security model: Secure a folder, file, or any resource in the CMS by roles or by user. Security assignment also distinguishes between read, write, and management of resources.
  • Personal Dashboard Configuration: Missing from our DR release, this new UI allows end-users complete control over their personal dashboard. Add/Edit/Delete Pages and add/edit/remove all portlet instances deployed on those pages. Themes and Layout applied to pages can also be reassigned - allowing for a completely customizable user experience.


A complete list of tasks associated with this release, can be found here. As always, community feedback is encouraged and needed, so please feel free to post here.


Roy Russo