• x^ y in drool table

    Hi All,   Can somebody help me to pyt x^y in drools tables.   Thanks, Sumit
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    created by sumit1983
  • ClassFile write(java.io.DataOutputStream out)  generates empty file!!

    Hello all, I'm working in a compiler that is generating bytecode, and I wish to only use those javassist classes that work with low-level bytecode (Bytecode, ClassFile, MethodInfo, FieldInfo, etc.). I'm not interested...
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    last modified by cbruguera
  • Wrapping existing object inside a proxy

    Instead of creating a proxy instance of a given class, is it possible to create a proxy instance for a given object instance?   When inspecting the proxy using reflection, the same fields should be present.
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    created by rrva
  • is it possible to intercept calls of methods belonging to an abstract class with javassist?

    Hi guys,   I ve looked tons of papers and tutorials about javassist, but I could not find any work-around for this issue. Maybe someone of you already ran into this problem and can help me.   I only want ...
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    created by sergio.celentano
  • does javassist have a Proxy like class?

    I am wondering if javassist has a class just like jdk Proxy BUT for classes where if you call method.invoke it would really translate to super.<method>() such that it would be really easy to create wrappers ar...
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    last modified by deanhiller
  • getDeclaringClass throws error

    Hi   Why does the following testcase fail with IncompatibleClassChangeError ?   package foo; import javassist.*; import org.junit.*; public class GetDeclaringClassTest {     static class ...
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    last modified by rrva
  • VerifyError, Bad type in putfield/putstatic

    Hi guys, I am running into some problems while trying to use javassist facilities to implement a java fault injection tool.   As an application (lets call it "worklaod") invokes a method from a third-party libr...
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    last modified by sergio.celentano
  • Problem with equals/hashCode?

    When MethodHandler.invoke() is called by Javassist for invocations of equals() and hashCode(), the "proceed" method object is not named "equals" or "hashCode", but is instead something like _d2hashCode.  This is ...
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    last modified by jgarrison
  • Verify Error: Inconsistent args_size for opc_invokeinterface

    I have been trying to generate some dynamic codes (Using Javassist) but program fails at a certain point when involving a double array or float array. The code is as follows Class c = Customers.class; // called in ma...
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    created by kingpin
  • Drools - Java Rules Engine

    How to continue session, but remove all objects? Hello! I really need help and advice. I'm using StatefulKnowledgeSession(); in loop I want to check some objects (List<Object>ls); I have more than one rule...
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    created by saynyshy
  • VerifyError when invoking a modified method

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a demo for dependency injection automation. My work is divided between creating new classes and modifying an existing class.   The new generated classes are running fine when tryi...
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    last modified by ahmed.s.mostafa
  • Javassist 3.12.1.GA maven repository checksum error

    I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this, but it’s the closest I could find. Please let me know if there’s a more appropriate place to ask for help with this.   I'm trying to migrate ou...
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    last modified by andyb
  • JASSIST-97 introduces regression?

    A user has reported that the fix for JASSIST-97 introduces a regression:   http://opensource.atlassian.com/projects/hibernate/browse/HHH-5731 https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-8640
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    created by jaikiran
  • Javassist in Android : 'get' in ClassPool not working ?

    Hello,   I'm new with Javassist. I try to integrate it in Android (2.2) for my master thesis.   The problem is that the find() and the get() methods from the ClassPool always return either null (for find) ...
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    last modified by julian_j
  • Acessing instance initializer via Javassist

    Can i access instance initializer of class using Javassist to modificate it, copy to method or delete?   class MyClass {          static {      &#...
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    created by r3k0j
  • AOP over Tomcat base classes

    Hi all.        I'm using JavaAssist in one Agent I'm creating to change the behavior of tomcat, but I do not want to customize this on tomcat itself. I want to add some security issues, and f...
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    created by judac
  • Discover name method called by a method by bytecode

    I read the bytecode looking for the opcode of invokelater and the number of the method on the constant pool. But I cannot get the name of the method when I know the index on the constant pool. What I should do?
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    created by orsvon
  • Support for nested classes

    Hi   I'm using version 3.13.0-GA from maven repo. When I try to create a nested class I get:   java.lang.RuntimeException: sorry, only nested static class is supported     at javassist.CtCla...
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    created by objectiser
  • Javassist and Drools problem

    Hello   I'm trying to run Drools on JBoss server, but I got this error message: 2010-03-16 14:09:11,177 ERROR [STDERR] [error] javassist.NotFoundException: org.drools.spi.Consequence.. Do verbose mode if you wa...
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    last modified by pio1k
  • problem analyzing a stack frame

    Hi, I'm trying to abalyze a simple method stack frame in order to get some informations about the status of local variables. I'm able to extract the name of the variables thru the code attribute and the constant pool...
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    created by cat4hire