• What are the correct return codes for commit/prepare not existing subordinate transaction

    Hi,   I'm investigating on a potential issue of integration Narayana/WFTC/WildFly and I would like kindly ask you for help what is the expected behaviour here. I would like to know how the transaction manager sh...
    Ondra Chaloupka
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  • Refactoring StringBuffer to StringBuilder

    Hi,   I just hit this article https://vanilla-java.github.io/2017/04/13/String-Buffer-and-how-hard-it-is-to-get-rid-of-legacy-code.html   I interested if you give +1 on changing StringBuffer for StringBui...
    Ondra Chaloupka
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  • JBTM-2124: Add orphan detection for JTS interposition mode

    I would like to sketch here my current effort to fix https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBTM-2124 : Add orphan detection for JTS interposition mode.   The point is to gather feedback about the feature fix and about...
    Ondra Chaloupka
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  • Programatic configuration

    Trying to set up Narayana under Spring management. It seems to work as expected but I do have a requirement to configure the transaction manager from spring beans.   I've tried everything I could think of, to no...
    Joao Santos
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  • IRC

    Is anyone active on IRC? I've connected for the last 5 days, asked a few question, and as far as I've seen got no replies.   Not necessarily a problem, but if IRC isn't monitored maybe it should not be listed on...
    Joao Santos
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  • WS-AT XTS - MSDTC Interoperability

    I need desperately help to get WS-AT simple quickstart to work with WCF client.   WS-AT quickstart has been compiled and deployed on JBoss EAP 6.4 and is working fine using Java client app even if using mutual S...
    Stelios Bourazanis
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  • Why does com.arjuna.ats.internal.jts.orbspecific.coordinator.ArjunaTransactionImple throw INVALID or Inactive when we know the status is ABORTED?

    I have hit a race condition where the EJB interceptors and the reaper are both aborting a transaction simultaneously. If the reaper doesn't finish rollback before ejb thread enters it then the ejb thread gets INVALID_...
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  • Suggestion for a new compensations subsystem

    Currently compensations bootstrap happens in the transactions subsystem. It registers deployment processor to scan the annotations and add the dependencies if necessary. This is not expensive and doesn't cause any iss...
    Gytis Trikleris
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  • Could AtomicTransaction use nondeterministic locking?

    I got few troubles coming from Coverity code static analysis tools and one of them is pointing out that AtomicTransaction [5] class could have nondeterministic locking behavior.   The issue relates to class and ...
    Ondra Chaloupka
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  • Call stacks of begin, enlistResource and commit

    I have been looking at the call stacks used during the IronJacamar performance test suite. The test suite basically starts a transaction, get a connection, enlist the XAResource (behind the scenes), return the connect...
    Jesper Pedersen
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  • The work to improve the NTA parsing

    Hi all, here's my work to improve NTA parsing 1. Find the bottleneck According to NTA-53  [NTA-53] Do a quick profile of the system to find the bottleneck of the log parsing - JBoss Issue Tracker, I use JPr...
    Yuan Hu
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  • Interoperability issues with ArjunaJTS CosTransactions idl

    I opened https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBTM-2642 because the copy of CosTransactions.idl in our source tree does not match OTS spec versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.3 and 1.4 and I could not locate spec version 1.2 so cannot sa...
    Michael Musgrove
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  • Running JTS Docker container on Atomic Host

    I'm trying to run JTS Docker container on the Atomic Host but am facing a networking issue. So if anybody has any suggestions it'd be great to hear them. Atomic Host runs on Vagrant, so their both network configurati...
    Gytis Trikleris
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  • How to enlist a custom XAResouce in the spring and start the recovery manager service

    Hi,   I currently use the following codes to enlist the custom XAResouce explictly      @Service public class ExampleService {     private JdbcTemplate jdbc;     ...
    Amos Feng
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  • Compensations API updates

    Some time ago Emmanuel suggested that we could allow using Lambdas for handler implementations in Compensations API. In addition to the currently used approach to provide different class for every different handler an...
    Gytis Trikleris
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  • Ideas for speeding up resource recovery

    h2. Problem:   For various reasons the recovery system cannot be migrated to a different host meaning that in failure scenarios transactions cannot always be recovered in a timely manner. Initial discussion of t...
    Michael Musgrove
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  • Whether to attempt to query the transaction manager rather than rely solely on orphan detection

    I was recently discussing with a user the potential for the recovery manager to attempt to contact the transaction manager to determine if an Xid is indoubt before rolling it back.   There are a couple of advant...
    Tom Jenkinson
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  • Pull request review process published

    Hi,   For information, the pull request review process we are using is described in this article: https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/PullRequestReviewProcess   Thanks, Tom
    Tom Jenkinson
    created by Tom Jenkinson
  • Refactoring TXFramework (AKA Compensations API) Proposal

    There are a number of refactorings that I think should be made to TXFramework (AKA Compensations API). In this post I'll present my ideas for the community to review.   1) Remove the old TXFramework API (JBTM-22...
    Paul Robinson
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  • REST-AT and Container-Managed Transactions

    Hello,   We are researching ways of using microservices and REST and one of the issues we'd like to solve is the transactional aspect of it (We'd like to keep using XA/JTA/ACID as opposed to Compensation-Based T...
    Juan Velez
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