• Cannot obtain service: io.fabric8.api.FabricComplete

    When I execute this command in fabric me there appears this that can be shell:source mvn:org.jboss.fuse/deployment/1.0/script/install Error executing command: Cannot obtain service: io.fabric8.api.FabricComplete
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  • Vaga Parar Trabalhar com JBOSS Fuse

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    created by acacio.cintra
  • wrong osgi feature version format

    Not sure if this is a fabric problem or a karaf problem. I'm testing with JBoss Fuse 6.3.0 on Windows 10. The video is about 1.5 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2h5AfU71yE In the profile on the containe...
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  • Fabric container: Logging to Database

    Hi, i'm trying to set up a Database backend to store logs.   I'm currently using JBoss Fuse 6.2.1.redhat-084 on Fabric Mode. I've created and uploaded a profile with maven. Then, i've imported the org.ops4j.pax...
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  • Error executing command: Could not start bundle mvn:org.apache.aries.jpa/org.apache.aries.jpa.container.context/1.0.4 in feature(s) jpa-1.0.2: Activator start error in bundle org.apache.aries.jpa.container.context

    Hi,   I am not able to install below bundles as I am getting this error "Error executing command: Could not start bundle mvn:org.apache.aries.jpa/org.apache.aries.jpa.container.context/1.0.4 in feature(s) jpa-1....
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    created by ashitoshw
  • Custom Type Converter isn't loaded

    Hello   I'm following the Get Started page[1] to create a Fuse application based on the Camel Content Based Router example.   So, I started working on the pipeline and the need for a custom type converte...
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  • How to use A-MQ bean that is defined in a camel route in switchyard

    I created a Java camel route and I defined an ActiveMQConnectionFactory object and added it as a bean like the below, then I created a reference in my switchyard and used a JMS binding and in the JMS binding details, ...
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  • query issues with SalesForce connector

    I'm tring to use the Salesforce connector in order to integrate it with a legacy application, but I'm experiencing issues with "query" and "upsert" topics. When I execute a query with a route like this :   ...
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  • activemq fileserver

    Is there in JBoss Fuse activemq fileserver, same as in Apache ActiveMQ distribution?
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  • How to make SAML work in fuse 9.2.1?

    I'm trying to implement a cxf web service that requires a SAML2 token to run. The scenario is identical to the "sts" example in the apache CXF distribution, and to the fuse docs in the "STS Demonstration" chapter. W...
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  • Call REST service from Apache Camel Blueprint

    I want to call external REST service that return a JSON, the REST itself have a basic authentication (which I don't know how to send a basic authentication), I've read some tutorial and also CXFRS component that lead ...
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  • Camel's Content Based Routing, how to do substring on body using simple language?

    Hi All,   I'm new to camel based application development. how can i do substring on body using sample language in camel routing? Let say I have message in activemq queue, named queue.data.raw. here is sample ...
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  • How to do connection pooling on CXF endpoint

       I'm using camel 2.15.3 and cxf 3.0.6   I have an cxf endpoint as below in my camel context .. (TEST_ENDPOINT is an actual endpoint) <to uri="cxf://{{TEST_ENDPOINT}}?dataFormat=payload&amp;lo...
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    created by niteshjain132
  • new to JBOSS from IBM integration bus

    need help with getting set up for the first time. I want to try out FUSE as an esb and try creating a flow like I would on IBM IIB by dragging and dropping nodes.   went to red hat site and downloaded devstudio ...
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  • Fuse fabric container - Provision status ERROR !!

    Container version - JBoss Fuse (6.2.1.redhat-084) Below is the actual error which I get in Mgmt Console - error - org.osgi.service.resolver.ResolutionException: Unable to resolve root: missing requirement [root] osg...
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  • Heapdump file in jboss-fuse_6.2.1\data\tmp

    Hi All,   I've the following problem. At work I have a virtual machine with VirtualBox, in this virtual machine I've Linux Mint v17.2 Rafaela. In my virtual machine I have mount a disk with jboss fuse version ...
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  • EIP Quickstart example, error during osgi:install

    I am working with the EIP Quickstart example and getting the error bellow during osgi:install:   JBossFuse:admin@root> osgi:install -s mvn:org.jboss.quickstarts.fuse/eip/6.1.0.redhat-SNAPSHOT Error executing...
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  • Using io.rest-assured in pax exam with Fuse

    I'm trying to use the io.rest-assured package in an integration test with pax exam on Fuse.  The problem I'm having is that it needs the full org.hamcrest distribution, but a partial package is loaded with the or...
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  • Camel Servlet continuation Exception - How to catch it and send customized response to caller?

    Hello,   I have a major issue in a complex integration environment. In my environment, I have series of fuse routes listening on different network ports, they perform simple routing and if needed transformatio...
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  • Getting Started Question

    Hi,   actually i am trying the getting started guide for JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 and i have some problems with the 4th chapter.   The 4th Chapter is about creating and configuring a fabric.   After i created t...
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