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Earlier this month we posted Update to JBoss Tools 4.1 and Developer Studio 7.0 which was done to remedy some of the issues around a regression bug the _40 update to Java caused to Eclipse and hence our tools.


Last week Oracle released _45 update for Java 7 which fixes this issue and you should now be able to do updates and installs reliably again in Eclipse based tools.


Thanks to Oracle for the quick turnaround!

We are cooking on an update to JBoss Tools 4.1.


JBoss Tools 4.1.1 Alpha2

One small step...

[Update Site] | [What's New] [Forums] [JIRA] [Twitter]


JBoss Tools is a set of plugins for Eclipse that complements, enhances and goes beyond the support that exists for JBoss and related technologies in the default Eclipse distribution.


Currently we are preparing for doing some bugfixes incl. refresh the until now experimental Apache Cordova support as part of our Aerogear Hybrid tooling.




From within Eclipse Kepler you need to add the JBoss Tools Eclipse Kepler development updatesite:

Note, if you already have this enabled you will get updates to your plugins via 'Help > Check for updates' but you will not get new plugins installed - thus if you don't have for example the Cordova tooling installed already you need to use the 'Help > Install' menu instead.




Alpha2 and the previous Alpha1 build are mainly about bugfixing and being ready to include the Cordova tooling into JBoss Developer Studio.

There are though a few new features included to make your life easier.


Resource content assist and file creation

There are now content assist on resources for things like script, img, source, anchors etc.


Alexey made a nice video of how it works you can watch here.


Furthermore if you type in a resource that does not exist the html editing tools now offer to create the resource for you, making it much easier to quickly create a set of linked resources.



Angular.js attribute content assist


To aid in developing of Angular applications we've added content assist for ng-* attributes.




We are working on providing better angular support (i.e. content assist for actual values) but that requires more than we can safely include into a bugfix release


Another often complaint is that the validation of angular.js marks ng-* with warnings as invalid html. This is actually correct since the proper syntax to be 100% compatible with the html5 spec is to use data-ng-* and if you disabled this rule you would loose warnings against you misspelling i.e. class as clas. This issue we can't fix in JBoss Tools alone thus we have submitted patches upstream to eclipse to allow you to choose to ignore ng-* and any other combination of attributes in your specific project. You can follow that here if you are interested.


Giving Feedback

There are more news and screenshots in What's New, and if you got an idea to an improvement or found a bug do not hestiate to open an issue in our issue tracker.


What's Next ?

Next planned item is beta release which will include improvements to Cordova tooling and introduce it as part of JBoss Developer Studio.

gercan already started blogging about some of this at his blog here.


...and do not forget that Integration Stack is Back, giving you support for SOA related tech too - we got beta builds for that announced last week.


Have fun!

For a while we have not had a release of the Integration Stack tools for Drools, jbpm, esb, SwitchYard, Teiid etc. that was verified to work with the latest release of JBoss Tools and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio. Today that is being fixed - at least with a Beta.




JBoss Tools Integration Stack 4.1.3.Beta4 and Developer Studio Integration Stack 7.0.0.Beta4

The Stack Is Back!


The Integration Stack for JBoss Tools & Developer Studio (formerly JBoss Tools & Developer Studio SOA Tooling) is a set of plugins for Eclipse that provides tooling for the following frameworks:


  • BPEL (via Riftsaw)
  • BPMN2 (via jBPM6)
  • Drools
  • Drools Guvnor
  • JBoss ESB
  • Fuse
  • jBPM3
  • jBPM6
  • Modeshape
  • Savara (JBoss Tools only)
  • SwitchYard
  • Teiid


All of these components are now delivered from an update site that has been tested and verified to work with the same dependencies as JBoss Tools and Developer Studio. Making installing them together easy and smooth.




To install the Integration Stack tools, first install JBoss Developer Studio from the all-in-one installer, bundled and configured out of the box with everything you need to get started. Alternatively, if you already have Eclipse installed, you can install JBoss Developer Studio or JBoss Tools from the Eclipse Marketplace via Help > Eclipse Marketplace...


Then launch Eclipse or JBoss Developer Studio, and select Help > Install New Software >


This will give you the beta release of what is going to be part of the supported version of the tools.


If you want to try out Savara you will need to use the JBoss Tools Integration Stack URL instead:




Besides the great news of now having updated support for the previously available SOA Tooling, this release also brings two new components to the stack: Tooling for SwitchYard and Fuse.


SwitchYard is the replacement for JBoss ESB and is a component-based development framework focused on building structured, maintainable services and applications using the concepts and best practices of SOA.  The tooling provides wizard for setting up maven based SwitchYard projects, Configuration of SwitchYard capabilities (i.e. runtime component dependencies; e.g. SOAP, BPM, Apache Camel, etc.), graphical editor for switchyard.xml and more.


You can read more about the SwitchYard tooling here.


Fuse comes with tooling that enables you to work with Fuse and Apache versions of ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, Karaf, and ServiceMix.  You can connect and configure Enterprise Integration Patterns to build routes, browse endpoints and routes, drag and drop messages onto running routes, trace message flows, edit running routes, browse and visualize runtime processes via JMX, and deploy your project's code to Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Fuse Fabric containers, to Apache ServiceMix, and to Apache Karaf.


You can read more about the Fuse Tooling here.


Thanks to the various component leads to make this happen and especially pleacu , rcernich and nickboldt for making the aggregation happen!


Let us know what you think and want next!


Have fun!

Oracle introduced a regression bug in their latest _40 release of their Java 7 JDK/JRE which unfortunately prevented installations of plugins from JBoss Central, Maven Connectors, Mylyn Connectors and other plugins having a installation by discovery feature.


To reduce the impact of that we've released an update to JBoss Tools 4.1 and Developer Studio 7.0 that fixes this issue for JBoss Central.


JBoss Developer Studio 7.0.1 also provides updates to Kepler SR1 making sure you have the latest bug fixes from too.


This fix is available as an update by simply using 'Help > Check for Updates'.


Mind you that not all issues caused by Oracle's Java 7 release can be fixed easily thus even with this update we still recommend you use a previous Java version until Oracle releases an update to their JDK that fixes this issue.


Thank you!

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