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Want to get started hosting web-applications on the cloud? Don't want to pay any money or spend any time on it? Use Forge and OpenShift Express!


In order to follow this tutorial, please take the following steps in advance:


  1. Install Forge (
  2. Install Git (
  3. Sign up for a 100% free forever cloud account at ( ), and making sure that your SSH keys are configured correctly via the OpenShift express quick-start guide. You do not need to install the OpenShift command line tools.


Then watch, follow along, and get started!


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If you had difficulty following along in the video, or just want to type stuff in without listening to me explain things, just follow the steps below.


Steps to Set up our OpenShift Project

  1. new-project --named forge-openshift-demo --topLevelPackage org.jboss.forge.openshift
  2. forge install-plugin openshift-express
  3. rhc-express setup --app forge
  4. servlet setup
  5. git add pom.xml src/
  6. rhc-express deploy


Add JPA and the Scaffold

  1. persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --container JBOSS_AS7
  2. scaffold setup
  3. entity --named User
  4. field string --named name
  5. field int --named rating
  6. scaffold from-entity
  7. rest setup
  8. rest endpoint-from-entity
  9. git add pom.xml src/
  10. rhc-express deploy