RichFaces 4.5.11.Final is available for download.


In this release we have updated styling options for chart, notifyMessage and dataGrid and updated our VDL documentation with regards to default attribute values. We have also added an option to skip resource optimization during build (-Doptimization.skip)


Release Notes 


  • [RF-12098] -         PickList doesn't accept comma in string value
  • [RF-13045] -         param and hashParam: attribute @rendered is not working
  • [RF-13259] -         DataTable rowClasses with columnGroup is not rendered
  • [RF-14163] -         showcase: correct references to bean
  • [RF-14164] -         rich:notifyMessage, notifyMessages: attributes @style and @title are not applied to created message component
  • [RF-14169] -         showcase: panel: bad description in lookCustomization sample
  • [RF-14171] -         @resetValues was added to not listed components
  • [RF-14172] -         validator: @event cannot be a ValueExpression
  • [RF-14174] -         validator: @immediate does not work and has wrong description
  • [RF-14175] -         calendar: unused attribute @weekDayLabels
  • [RF-14176] -         chart: attribute @style does not work
  • [RF-14178] -         validator: @onbeforesubmit cannot be used with MyFaces
  • [RF-14179] -         VDL-doc: specified default values are not correct
  • [RF-14194] -         Misprint in format string of MessageFormat.format in ResourceServletContainerInitializer
  • [RF-14197] -         page-fragments: dataGrid: getRecordsInRow contains bad condition


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14170] -         Upgrade third-party libraries
  • [RF-14182] -         Upgrade testing dependencies



  • [RF-14162] -         showcase: add missing links to VDL Documentation/Component Reference in some examples
  • [RF-14168] -         showcase: collapsibleSubTable demo: wrong output in cars total count
  • [RF-14183] -         page-fragments: inputNumberSlider: dragging the handle starts from wrong value
  • [RF-14186] -         Hide @converter and @value in components extending UIOutput
  • [RF-14190] -         Provide better contrast for selected items
  • [RF-14192] -         showcase: focus: fix simple and delayed samples
  • [RF-14193] -         Allow skipping resource optimization during build
  • [RF-14196] -         page-fragments: dataGrid: make methods for returning of elements in advanced interactions public


        Feature Request

  • [RF-10779] -         rich:dataGrid - support classes for header, footer, rows and columns
  • [RF-14166] -         rich:calendar keyboard support to close calendar



  • [RF-14157] -         showcase: fix integration tests
  • [RF-14158] -         update VDL doc for notify's @sticky attribute
  • [RF-14173] -         VDL-doc: validator: add missing documentation of attributes
  • [RF-14189] -         Remove unused arquillian-warp test dependencies



  • [RF-14187] -         calendar: document keyboard support for closing the popup
  • [RF-14195] -         vdl-doc: tables + dataGrid: add description to attributes