Hi all,


as you might be aware the RichFaces project is winding down. (You can read Brian’s original RichFaces 4.5 announcement here).


For now the plan is to keep doing what we’ve been doing, that is releasing a new version of RichFaces 4.5.x roughly every four weeks and that will continue until June 2016, after which we will not sponsor any more releases. I will still keep an eye on the forum and StackOverflow but I will not be doing any more coding for RichFaces.


As for the current situation - there are some 800 unresolved issues and that is a rather large number. On the other hand a lot of those issues are old and so there is a high possibility that they are either outdated or they have a workaround. But if you know about an old issue that you’d like to see fixed a good way to bring it to my attention would be to vote or comment on it. Unfortunately Feature Requests and Enhancements are likely to get rejected at this point.


I've also put together a Questions and Answers page that I'll be updating if you have any more questions.


If you are a Red Hat customer please take a look at a related product announcement.