RichFaces 4.5.16.Final is available for download.


In this release we have fixed the "resetValues" attribute not working with MyFaces and we've fixed minor bugs and improved several components such as select, pickList and fileUpload.


Release Notes 


  • [RF-11063] -         rich:select is not at same level with text
  • [RF-11735] -         [rich:tabPanel] activeItem doesn't work if attribute immediate is set to true
  • [RF-12845] -         rich:menuItem does not work as composite component
  • [RF-13776] -         a4j:ajax problem with hierarchical component IDs
  • [RF-14252] -         @resetValues doesn't work with MyFaces
  • [RF-14254] -         filtering is not working properly in rich:select component
  • [RF-14255] -         Subtopic missing in processPreSubscriptionEvent
  • [RF-14256] -         pickList doesn't fire onremoveitems when keepSourceOrder is true
  • [RF-14257] -         rich:fileUpload not throwing the javascript event "onsizerejected" for global maxRequestSize
  • [RF-14258] -         fileUpload: js events for error not trigger when same file selected twice
  • [RF-14259] -         select: error class is not removed after selecting suggestion->type->delete
  • [RF-14261] -         rich:orderingList broken with direction: rtl


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14253] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-12609] -         inplace input/select : controls are always visible
  • [RF-14248] -         unify background colors and gradients
  • [RF-14262] -         page-fragments: replace invoking of blur event
  • [RF-14263] -         page-fragments: inplace input/select: replace invoking of edit event



  • [RF-14264] -         Update documentation regarding file size handling in rich:fileUpload
  • [RF-14265] -         update integration tests dependencies



  • [RF-14260] -         fileUpload: @onsizerejected: update attribute description (VDL doc)