... and so it was a long and not-so-winding road, but thanks to all the independent portal contributors, the Novell team members, and the JBoss Portal team, we are proud to announce the release of JBoss Portal 2.0. In case you missed some of the press releases, I scooped up a few from Google alerts and listed them here for you to browse:


The press releases are the usual sort you would expect from a business-side PR channel. However, the most important message I can convey with regards to this major release, is that JBoss Portal Is Here. What do I mean by that? Frankly, great things abound with the portal project... JBoss Portal has hit every release date on its roadmap thus far, for the month of May we had over 27,000 downloads, companies are building their technology offerings on the portal, and the amount of community participation we've seen is amazing. Add to that the fact that we implement proven JBoss technologies such as JBoss Cache, Hibernate, JGroups, JBoss AS and back it all up with JBoss, Inc support services and we find ourselves with an extremely solid offering.


Even with these great signs and great strides we've taken in a short amount of time, I have to say, the best is yet to come. Portal 2.2 (due in 4Q 2005) will extend the project's abilities by adding in WSRP, a JCR implementation, and a clean interface for the manipulation of dynamic objects.


On behalf of the Portal Team, we thank all of you that made this Portal software what it is today. As we continue marching forward on our roadmap, we will continue listening and working with the community and solidifying the portal offering we have today.



Roy Russo