So I was busy testing our new JBoss Slide component for JBoss Portal. Julien tends to develop against Postgres and hypersonic, while I have Oracle10g and MySQL on my box. Frankly, I prefer testing against MySQL, but we are well aware of the fact enterprise houses will most likely be running on a mac-daddy Oracle DB with a gaggle of DBAs administering them. The problem I've found with running Oracle10g locally, is that my laptop's startup time can take up to 10 minutes!


The good news is that the new Slide store running on Hibernate works well on the supported DBs we tested on, and should work on any Hibernate-support RDBMS. The bad news is that I had to enable all the different Oracle services on my windows box to test it...


To avoid this nightmare in the future, as I typically have the services all disabled purely for performance reasons, I created two scripts to handle the lengthy startup and kill times. They are available from here and obviously only work on Windows. Hopefully someone can find these useful, as I couldn't find anything related to 10g on the web to handle this.


Roy Russo