Julien and I wrote a great article on whether Portals are right for any and every large web application project. It is entitled "Are Portals the Magic Bullet of Web Application Development?". I was quite amazed to see it on the cover when the editor sent us the proof. You can check it out in this month's issue of the JDJ. It is meant as a rather unbiased Q&A for those creating or migrating from an existing web application architecture. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a copy here in Atlanta, Miami, or Chicago. They must be having trouble keeping it on the shelves, as my handsome picture is included. (Next time, JDJ, put my pic on the cover.) ;-)

JBoss Portal on JDJ Cover


There is much excitement building over our coming release of JBoss Portal 2.2. So for those of you who cannot attend our presentation at JBoss World Barcelona, we will be conducting a live webinar on Oct. 5th at 1PM EST. Of course, Julien and I expose the secret Portal-2.2 ingredients at our live conference and not at the webinar. Still, this webinar will be a trimmed down version of the real-deal to be presented at JBoss World Barcelona.


Roy Russo