The First Annual PortletSwap Meet is over. The judges are currently going over the entries and winners will be announced this week. The entries we received in the 2 months of the contest are as follows:

  • Tapestry Portlet - Calendar portlet built on the Tapestry framework.
  • Image Gallery - Image gallery portlet that implements the JBoss Portal CMS.
  • Kosmos - Version control, issue tracker, build process, and project dependencies portlets used for OS projects.
  • PortletBridge - Allows for proxying of websites via a portlet.
  • Stock/News Portlet - Stock and Industry News aggregator portlets.
  • JavaPlant Base MVC Portlet Framework - A custom MVC framework built specifically with portlet development in mind.


Sorry for the delay on selecting the prize-winners, but Julien and I recently returned from our first Portal Training in Washington, DC, and so have a bit of catching up to do.


Thanks to all that took part in the contest! We hope to have a similar affair next year and hope to build PortletSwap out in the interim to be a one-stop-shop for portlets and portlet developers.


Roy Russo