... a parody. ;-)


I just come back from a shopping trip out with co-founder of Hibernate, Gavin King. Gavin decided to move to Atlanta about 3 years ago and has been living here ever since. He works his ass off as most of the company knows, but Gavin also shops every day if he wants to and there is "watah". See, Gavin LOVES to shop and he is also very good at it. I love shopping too but I am a bit worse at it. When I asked Gavin if I really needed a “work” excuse to do this, he mentioned that “shopping” was excuse enough for us to get together in the name of the company, and that Marc Fleury will never know about it.


The mall where he lives (Atlanta, GA) are good fun. There are basically many small stores each with devilish clothing. It was good fun to shop them with Gavin as he basically knows them by heart. Other bonus is the lines were small or empty. He took me the first day to this store called “le internazionale” which basically looks like a toilet bowl full of moguls. It was frankly scary to me, specifically that red velvet jacket that Gavin wanted me to buy without thinking. I managed to put my money down without really thinking about it and Gavin bought this double diamond ring without even breaking style. Wow, I was impressed. He uses this new technique of “phantom purchasing” on credit cards and he masters the move. He was fun to watch.


So I decided to buy myself good sweaters (already splurged on boots earlier this year). BTW, if some of you care about clothing, first thing Gavin taught me is that now is the time to shop and buy the end of season stuff as you probably already know. Store wide was 50% off where Gavin took me. Second I want to mention that my clam-shell Adidas are the SHIZZLE. I wouldn't take them off after the shopping, they were so comfortable.


Anyway, it was good fun shopping with Gavin for 3 days. I am sad that at least *my* season is over.


STAY METAL and good shopping,
Roy Russo