• Modeshape project continuity

    I'm looking for a JCR framework and I'm evaluating Modeshape but the last release date is 04/19/2017 and I've not seen any news about it's continuity. I afraid that Modeshape project is dead. Please, anybody can confi...
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  • non-existant column 'mode:localName' in '__ALLNODES__'

    Let me start by saying that I am totally new to JCR and ModeShape. I am just playing around a little. And I got a weird error.   The statements:   Query q = ses.getWorkspace().getQueryManager().createQuery...
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  • ModeShape JDK 11 support

    I already looked in the documentation and it seems that only JDK 8 is supported. Can anybody confirm that this is the case? Are there any chances to have JDK 11 supported any time soon (next 6 months, 1 year...). Thanks!
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  • Size of BinaryStorage on the Filesystem bigger than expected

    Hi, we use Modeshape 5.4.1 in our product to save all kinds of data. We are using the FileSystemBinaryStorage and the binaries are stored under a folder /binaries. I will first try to explain the whole situation and ...
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    created by mdienel
  • bad performance on my JCR queries with LocalIndexProvider after update 4.3.0.Final to 5.4.1.Final

    Hi,   after updating from Modeshape 4.3.0 to 5.4.1 I have bad performance on my JCR queries with LocalIndexProvider:   here my settings      "indexProviders" : {     ...
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  • Downloads and Documentation Unavailable

    Hello ModeShape Community,   I was trying to download the latest version (5.4.0) but for some reason the Downloads and Documentation links seem to be broken:     Google results for the 5.4.0 downloa...
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  • Modeshape REST occasionally gives null pointer exception response to JCR SQL2 query

    Hello, Hello I'm using  Modeshape 5.4.1 and  the REST API,  modeshape-web-jcr-rest-war,   to support both direct Get/Put/Post operations for content nodes, as well as through JCR SQL2. I've n...
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  • modeshape-web-explorer +maven+tomcat

              In the maven project, I add dependency modeshape-web-explorer.jar, which runs as a war package under tomcat.      modeshape-web-explorer doesn't wo...
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  • modeshape jndi name not working correctly

    setup: Wildfly 14, Java 11 and modeshape 5.3.0   With the update from Wildfly 10 to Wildfly 14 the standalone.xml configuration is not working anymore. I moved from the standalone.xml configuration to a json fil...
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    created by pverboom
  • Modeshape 5 and remote persistent JDBC store

    When configuring Modeshape 5.4 to use a remote MySQL JDBC store for the repository I have noticed it takes a very log time to query the data. Modeshape appears to be issuing thousands of sql select statements similar...
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  • How to get attention onto open pull requests?

    I have 4 open pull requests and at least one more change I believe I should make and submit. At time of writing, my PRs are between 22 and (by my count) 57 days old. I'd prefer not to have to fork this project; what n...
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    created by mbenson
  • Modeshape calls setTransactionIsolation on every new DB connection

    Though I manage my pooled connections and transaction isolation level from jBoss datasource configuration, I see that Modeshape code still calls setTransactionIsolation method on the connection object. This is redunda...
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    created by sivaa
  • Disable Modeshape internal cache

    I have two server which is sharing the same database. I am using modeshape in these two servers to save my data. Here My problem is, Created / Updated data in one server is not reflected in another server. I am th...
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  • Evaluate ModeShape for file storage.

    Hello, I am currently evaluating mode shape for my project. Basically we are looking for document management system , which should be able to: 1. When a file is uploaded through our REST interface, it should be scan...
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  • When I call VersionManager checkin method, I do see too many SQL SELECT queries

    When I call Version Manage checkin method I do see too many SELECT queries like like "SELECT CONTENT FROM MY_REPOSITORY WHERE Id = ?" being fired. Though we have enough Workspace cache size, we still see this query be...
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  • Different behavior of JNDIRepositoryLookup and UrlRepositoryLookup in JcrRepositoriesContainer.java (NoSuchRepositoryException)

    I get NoSuchRepositoryException on every query in ModeShapeEngine.java, version 5.4.1, line 259 when "org.modeshape.jcr.URL" for RepositoryFactory is defined by jndi entry.   Two ModeShapeEngine objects will be ...
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    created by gerhard.stummer
  • Modeshape Repository Web Explorer + Spring Boot

    Hello,   We are evaluating JCR+Modeshape 5.0x and we want the capability of browsing the content repository. We have integrated Modeshape within Spring Boot successfully but when it comes to have the repository ...
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  • Workspace deletion not synchronized

    Hi   We have a project running ModeShape with 2 nodes. When we delete a workspace it is correctly removed from the node performing that task, however this action is not synchronized to the other node. That node ...
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  • Performance degradation when inserting many nodes

    I am trying to insert thousands of nodes at a time. To begin with ModeShape performs satisfactorily but after a short time performance drastically degrades. Here is the code I run:       ...
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  • ModeShape Shareable Nodes REST API

    I am working on a project where we are using ModeShape's RESTful web services (ModeShape v5) to interact with our repository. We are using custom node types and need to allow nodes to have multiple parents. I know tha...
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