• camel-cxf: unwrapped style web service returning empty body when schema-validation-enabled=true

    Dear team,   could you help me for below issue? i trying to read the body response for the web service but encounter below exception.   Based on the test, these only happen for unwrapped style web service...
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  • Hawtio weird behavior when transactional route is deployed

    Hi,   Currently we are exploring the possibilities of deploying a transactional route, but we are still having some issues/questions: 1. Why is hawtio refreshing the Camel and ActiveMQ pages when the route (see...
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  • Camel: Create Custom Endpoint

    Hello,   I have a Fuse project where I define a route (with Blueprint), which should get data in form of objects from a specific Java SDK, wraps them as messages and forwards them in the route. They should be fi...
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  • Error starting FuseInstall Runtime server on JBoss Developer Studio Version: 10.4.0.GA

    getting error as below while starting FuseInstall Runtime server   [243] Error starting mvn:org.apache.camel/camel-cxf/2.17.0.redhat-630187 (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Uses constraint violation. Unable ...
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  • Hello world manifest error

    My apologies if posted this twice - I'm trying to follow the steps outlined in the hello world program. Red Hat JBoss Fuse Hello-world | Red Hat Developers   When I go to deploy the bundle I get an error messag...
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  • OnException error type class not found in FUSE but works in Studio IDE

    Setting up an OnException to recognize bad JSON messages. Windows 7 64bit, RedHat Fuse 6.1 , RH Studio w/jboss tools, blueprint frame, plain container w/no fabrics the good: <onException useOriginalMessage="true...
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  • Exception while starting Jetty after fabric:join

    I'm working on a test environment with a Fabric server and two managed Fuse servers. My issue is that after joining the Fabric with fabric:join, the integrated Jetty is stopped and does not come up again.   From...
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  • Camel not deleted if file consumer is used with pollEnrich

    Hello everyone.   I have a problem similar to this [ENTESB-5091] Camel markerFile not deleted if file consumer is used with pollEnrich and custom aggregation strategy - JB… .     My piece of co...
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  • Salesforce to MySQL Data transformation; JBoss Fuse

    Hi,   I wanna insert data from a salesforce account into a mysql database.   So I have to map  i.e. the "Id" from the salesforce account to my output mysql database (field="SalesforceId").   How...
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  • How to upsert CSV file to Salesforce using Salesforce bulk API in JBoss Fuse?

    Hello,   I am trying to upsert CSV file to Salesforce having 700,000 records. In Jboss fuse I want to use Bulk Salesforce API in Camel. I am not able to figure out how to implement it using Camel and Salesforce ...
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  • redeploying Fuse services/bundles seems to require a restart

    Hello, I am new to JBoss Fuse and am evaluating it for my employer.  I am running Fuse version 6.3 - e.g.: JBossFuse:karaf@root> version 2.4.0.redhat-630187 I have a simple case where there is a bundle (kn...
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  • Cross communication between war and osgi bundle in camel + fuse

    How to communicate with war to bundle using direct-vm? I have created a war file in which I have defined camel routes with unique camelContext. From this war I tried to connect with other bundle B which is purely OSGI...
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    created by akmishra30
  • Can I install JBoss Fuse inside a JBoss Data Virtualization EAP?

    I did tried to use the Fuse installer (fuse-eap-installer-6.3.0.redhat-187.jar) for EAP on a DV installation (from jboss-dv-6.3.0-1-installer.jar plus patch 10 jboss-eap-6.4.10-patch.zip) but got the following error: ...
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  • Bundle is waiting for namespace handlers [http://dozer.sourceforge.net]

    Hi Team,   I am trying to use camel-dozer component (JbossFuse 6.2.1) . when i deployed my bundle on Karaf its giving me the error as "Bundle loader-dozer-decoder/3.0.0 is waiting for namespace handlers [http://...
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  • Problem with ./client script after adding users to users.properties

    Hello,   We've encountered issue with access to running Fuse 6.3 instance by usage of ./client. 1. In users.properties file we have only admin user and pass admin = password,admin 2. Fuse is running in foregro...
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  • error will running the command

    I am trying to create the multi Archetype for my project  . while running the command   mvn archetype:create-from-project  i get the below error   Error executing command: Cannot coerce arch...
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  • Camel-jetty bridgeEndpoint=true does not work

    I have jetty route for bridge (proxy) to local services (services on local ports)  in JBoss Fuse 6.2.1. When public url is called request is served by local services and renturned back without redirection. When I...
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  • Camel body getting lost when you enable DEBUG in KARAF 2.4.0.redhat-621159 (jboss-fuse-6.2.1.redhat-159)

    Hi, I have seen a strange issue today in jboss fuse - When you set the log to DEBUG (log:set DEBUG) in karaf container and run a camel application the body is getting lost (returning empty). certainly i am getting th...
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  • Unable to start blueprint container for bundle due to unresolved dependencies

    Hi, I am new at jboss fuse and i started out with a simple example. Although the route is simple it is difficult to get it running.   jboss-fuse 6.3.0.redhat-187 Developer Studio: 10.2.0.GA   Any help is ...
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  • Problem in starting JBoss Fuse from development studio

    Hello,   I have new installation of JBoss Fuse, and first problem is starting it from developmment studio. Console view has info "22% started" and I think it is waiting for something. Can somebody see whoat is ...
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