• Basic problems with JBoss studio 11.0.3 + SwitchYard

    Hi, I'm new with SwitchYard and would need some help   What I have: 1.) Jboss studio 11.0.03 2.) Jboss EAP 6.1 + switchyard 1.1.1-p5   I have opened a new SwitchYard project and made some program logic...
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  • Como puedo configurar cors en switchyard???

    Como puedo configurar cors en switchyard???
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  • BPEL Failure and Recovery

    Hello!   We have deployed a BPEL flow created with Switchyard on JBoss EAP 6.4, JBoss Fuse 6.3 and I would like to ask if the concept of activity failure and recovery is supported   Apache ODE – Acti...
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  • Injection of enterprise beans in a SwitchYard Service Task

    Hey there!   I have spent a lot of time to find out how I can inject a Java Enterprise Bean from a deployed ear. In general I have two different EARs, one with my database services and other things and another on...
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  • How to create separate log file rather than server log in switchyard and wildfly 8

    Hello,   I am trying to create my own log file to check the log rather than server log in switchyard. i am using wildfly 8.0 server and my requirement is not to use camel at all. I did try with adding file appen...
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  • how to use spring beans in Switchyard

    Hi,   I am migrating my old jboss esb (jboss-soap-5) to switchyard. All our action classes are extending AbstractSpringAction class and loads Spring Application contexts. How can i load all my existing spring b...
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  • SwitchYard Cors PrefLight - How To

    Hi, I cannot be able to execute a call to my BackEnd service (RestEasy) through Chrome because the response is:   "esponse to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origi...
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    created by francogar82
  • JBoss SwitchYard How to implements PreProcessInterceptor

    Hi All, I implemented the SecurityInterceptor as in resteasy solution but within Switchyard seems not work. Could you help me please   I need a SecurityInterceptor in order to vrerify username and password a...
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    created by francogar82
  • Is it possible Instantiate a switchyard bean component without a binding

    Hi All,   We have an application developed using switchyard 2.0 and deployed on JBOSS EAP 6.3.3. Our packaging is ear file which contains multiple jar files for switchyard projects.   Now we have a require...
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    created by tarun_bansal04
  • Soap header validation using XSD

    Hi All, I would like to validate the soap headers from the soap message for all mandatory fields and restrictions along with XSD. can you please tell how how can i acheive it using switchyard Validators. It seems t...
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    created by ravi21588
  • SOAP service without Transformers

    Hi,   I'm new to Switchyard and have followed the SOAP tutorials on the website. I'm a bit unsure why we need to have the translators to publish the web service in switchyard (when you create a soap webservice...
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    created by fatmark
  • Switchyard.xml structure corresponding to JBoss-esb.xml

    Hi,   Below is current structure of jboss-esb.xml in my application which I am trying to migrate to switchyard. Can anyone suggest how this would be similar in switchyard. Because in jboss-esb, the messages shar...
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    created by ksr3017
  • SwitchYard deployment on WildFly ok, but I can't see it in the SwitchYard-SubModule-Menue

    Hi!   I tried all WildFly-8.x Versions with the bundle "switchyard-installer-wildfly-2.0.0.Final.zip". For all of them the installation was no problem ... WildFly always is starting and the new SwitchYard-SubM...
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  • How to run running Camel on Jboss EAP

    Hi All,   I have a camel project which I run as local camel context . Now I want to deploy and run this on Jboss EAP . Could you help me out with the steps of running this ?Any help appreciated . Thanks  ...
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  • deployment Fails to start service in switchayard Project which is polling jt400 data queue

    Hi All,   I am facing issue in deploying switchyard project. Here switchayard project is polling iseries data queue. if the data queue is not accessible due to application is down then deployment of the switcha...
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  • Unable to resolve cache-container cluster

    Hello, i have a problem.I created a project with SwitchYard, with a Service and ServiceBean. When deployed this project, i get this error:   22:08:45,822 INFO  [org.switchyard.component.sca] (MSC service thr...
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  • WS-Security on SOAP Reference Binding

    How to apply WS-Security on SOAP Reference Binding.   Scenario : 1. We are successfully able to invoke external web service (without WS Security) from BPEL component in SwitchYard. 2. Now while invoking extern...
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  • Issue in SwitchYard project build and deployment on JBoss EAP Linux environment

    I have developed a SwitchYard project on JBoss Developer studio integrated with JBoss EAP. Its running fine when I launch the project from Studio i.e by right clicking on project and run as on server. Now, I need to ...
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  • SynchronousInOutHandler and threadsafe BlockingQueue

    org.switchyard.component.common.SynchronousInOutHandler class uses BlockingQueue for storing a response. Also it uses "synchronized" in few places while dealing the queue. Why is that needed as BlockingQueue is thread...
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    created by ozkin
  • Marking builds with test failures as UNSTABLE vs FAILED

    Hey folks,   I'm toying with the idea of adding -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true to the Maven build line for our Jenkins jobs.  This would have the following effects when there are test failures: The Maven...
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