Read this. I've had many similar experience and I suspect the economics and government bailouts Marc alludes to have a lot to do with it.


Just the other day I was traveling with my wife and three kids (one of which is 12 and one is 16 mos so feel extra sorry for me) and of course my personal attendant, my wife's manicurist and three nannies. I could not believe when the stewardess was rude to my personal attendant. If I hadn't been busy getting a free manicure on a dare (my wife thinks I rag too much on metrosexuals), I would have gotten up and asked my personal attendant to give them a piece of my mind. Oh well. What is worse is the stewardess made me buckle my own seat belt! I said "B*tch, you think I fly first class because I want to buckle my own seat belt. If one of my 'hot nannies' doesn't come up here and do it for me, I'm not f*cking going to buckle it" then kicked her. Can you believe that she dared take revenge by not bringing my Chardonnay properly chilled?


So I can really sympathize with Marc and his two nannies on his vacation to Mallorca. Life can be tough when you have to fly "everyman airlines"..