JBoss Mail Server 1.0-M3rc1 has been released. You can install the JDK 5.0 version of JBMS-1.0M3rc1 via Java Web Start. You can also download it directly and install by typing java -jar install-jbms-1.0m3-rc1.jar. We do recommend JDK 5.0 (aka 1.5) as the garbage collector is significantly improved especially on enterprise grade systems.


If you still want to run with JDK 1.42, you can download the JDK 1.4 build of JBMS-1.0M3rc1 directly.


This is a release candidate of the third (of approximately 10) milestones of JBMS. It is primarily a stability, performance and usability release, however some significant features have been added and the architecture has gone a significant evolution. We request that early adopters assist with testing this release candidate in order to ensure the final release of this milestone (which will be released on August 20th barring major issues) is as stable and useful as possible.


While there are already production users of earlier milestones of JBMS, it is not a "final" release, it is suggested that early adopters be cautious and undergo rigorous testing before deploying this release. We eagerly invite participation in the JBMS Forum and request your feedback on the release and project direction and thank you in advance for your continued assistance and support.


With this release, some emphasis has been placed on increasing the usability and graphical installation of the software (now based on izPack). You will find many answers in this set of wiki pages as well as an installation tutorial with pictorial walkthrough, and instructions on setting up Mozilla's Thunderbird Mail Client to work with JBMS.


We hope that you and your organization will enjoy installing/using this milestone release and happy hunting!